Criminology Dissertation Ideas for UK Students

When students enter university, few of them consider what dissertation they will write. They’re mostly focused on everyday tasks like essays, but since the necessity to select topic and investigate is inevitable, sooner or later, this question is going to gain urgency. Criminology is a unique subject.

Whether you’re studying it at the University of Surrey or Stirling, the final year will be tough. Some are going to require online dissertation help. But before getting professional assistance, one must look through diverse criminology dissertation ideas and decide which suits better. The more you like it, the more you’ll feel engaged in writing, meaning that chances at getting an excellent grade are going to grow. Let’s take a look at newly available criminology topic prepared by our professionals in this field.

criminology dissertation ideas

Topics on 6 Major Divisions of Criminology

We’ve divided this vast area into six main topics, each having a number of suggestions. Check them and see what criminology dissertation titles you find interesting. We’ll start with two widest general sections.

Prison & Society Topics

  1. HM Prison Wandsworth Effectiveness: Control, Crime, Punishments
  2. Barriers between Prisoners & Free People: Dual Review
  3. Thin Line between Free Life and Prison
  4. How do Ex-Prisoners Adapt to New Life?
  5. Adaptation Period in Prison: Factors of Difficulties & Success

Crime & Justice Topics

  1. History of Death Penalty, Its Meaning
  2. Illegal Acts That Attract Insufficient Punishment
  3. Crimes in England that Result in Overly Harsh Punishments
  4. Alternative Means of Punishments: Comparisons of International Systems
  5. Validity of Putting Education Before Prison

Then there are more specific criminology dissertation topics that focus on common reasons pushing people to violence.

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Ethnicity and Race Topics

  1. Race-Fuelled Lawlessness in the UK: 2015-2021
  2. Laws that Could Reduce Crimes Based on Ethnicity
  3. Minorities Representation in UK Prisons
  4. Murders Across English Cities based on Race & Ethnicity
  5. Changes in Ethnicity: Relation to Crime over the Last Ten Years

Crime and Social Inequality

  1. Murders Committed by Low & Middle-Class Representatives: A Comparison
  2. London Divided into Sectors: Class Separation and Violence
  3. Correlation between Public Resources & Felony Control
  4. Does Low Income Cause Violence?
  5. Discrimination: Its Impact on Violence

The third group has even more specific and urgent criminology dissertation titles.

Activism & Riots Ideas

  1. Successful Riots & Their Consequences
  2. Riots that Caused Many Crimes
  3. Verge between Activism & Crimes
  4. When Social Mobility Masks Crimes: Cases & Impact
  5. Causes for Riots & Most Typical Kinds of Violence Committed as Their Result

Topics about Police

  1. Praise & Complaints about Police: Truth and Myths
  2. Right of Police to Use Weapons & What It Results In
  3. Crimes Commited by Police: Imprisoned Officers
  4. Criminology Network of Police Officers
  5. What Makes Criminology Investigation Successful: New Factors

If you’re still searching for other options, consider looking through a similar field. Check dissertation topics in finance or economics dissertation topics. Crimes happen in these spheres, too, and maybe you’ll locate the one that stirs your interest there. Remember, authentic interest in a theme is already a big guarantee of future success.

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