How To Write a Dissertation Proposal

Writing dissertations is requirement for every UK doctoral student and the majority of Master and undergraduate students. Regardless of the subject being studied, or a particular institution, one must create this important paper before graduating from one’s specific degree undertaken.

These projects are often written for covering entire college studies or analysis in a given subject or topic. You must ensure that it will be completed before the course is finished. This writing is complicated, so you can use dissertation proposal help to be confident in the quality.

The only option left is finishing your scholarly thesis on time. The thesis outline is a handy paper that will help complete papers at the right time while staying focused on the necessary topic you must cover. Read on for learning how to write a dissertation proposal UK and how to become good thesis writer.


What is a Dissertation Proposal and Why is It Important?

Before writing final thesis, create a skeleton that is a foundation for writing process. The paper created in the first step is what is called a dissertation proposal. It can also be called a research plan. The paper covers most important aspects of a completed writing process of your final thesis.

This aspect of your project works as a table of contents of final thesis paper. It is in research plan that explains intentions when writing an academic treatise. It is necessary to disclose what or who you will examine, when, where, and why. You will also explain how you are planning your work, collection, and analysis of data for the final paper.

Before starting writing a thesis outline, one must carefully narrow down a topic on which one wants to complete a study. Ensure bringing out objectives in a clear manner so that anybody reading your thesis outline will understand what you aim to achieve at the end of analysis. These can help avoid wavering off and losing direction when assembling a final paper.

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Drawing Thesis Outline Structure

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Like any form of writing, dissertation proposals needed for following a particular format. There are different parts in an outline that should come out clearly, each targeting certain goals.


A dissertation proposal introduction brings out the main analysis questions you are going to work on. When writing a dissertation proposal introduction, you also need to cover all background information on particular subject, relating it to any broader aspects that surround it.

Main Body:

After the introduction, next, create detailed parts of the paper – the main body. You must include various points when putting together the main body. It has many things to elaborate on that relate to your analysis on the topic.


Dissertation proposal conclusions are the closing tag of your research plan. Bring it in a broad manner, and ensure it is content rich. In the research plan conclusion, be sure to convey clearly the views and opinions gathered for your study. It is best to have deep understanding of the subject and topic covered to draw a meaningful conclusion.

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What Do Dissertation Proposals Include?

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Dissertation proposals must convey a message regarding intended study on the topic for creating your final thesis. Here are some main elements that should come out clearly in the research plan:

  • Thesis Title:

The dissertation proposal title will help narrow down potential topics and make a paper while staying focused on a said topic.

  • Overall Objectives:

When compiling aims and objectives, make sure to outline clearly what you are expecting to achieve in researching. Do not feature too many objectives. If there are more than three objectives when writing a thesis outline, then your topic might be too wide.

  • Literature:

Literature reviews are pieces of information provided in your paper explaining existing literature of use in analysis. Try explaining how it relates to topic of the study conducted.

  • Context:

The context brings out the analysis relevance in regard to the particular topic upon which to form your academic treatise. Here explain circumstances that build the background of the topic being discussed.

  • Background:

A literature background gives a summary of the events or occurrences in the main paper. Analysis background should give examiners information or a clue on what your paper will cover and how to present findings in the final paper, concerning information collected from various sources.

  • Research Details:

What are you researching? Your research details should address questions you need to answer during analysis. In this manner, you will identify accurately your area of study. These details help you stay on point when writing your final project.

  • Methodologies:

Research methodologies address the methods you choose in your study – whether it is qualitative or quantitative. You can also choose both. In the methodologies section, you must give valid reasons why you chose which way of going, with evident academic backups. It is not a matter of using own personal ideas. Explain why your chosen methods of gathering information are important than others.

  • Potential Outcomes:

What are you expecting to find out in your research, based on the dissertation proposal structure you have so far? You can already predict your findings. Include the information in this section of your overture.

A potential outcome of research should be related to your objectives because you’re bound to meet goals if process is done right. Explain how you intend to meet those outcomes you are expecting.

  • Timeline:

Your timeline should show the chronological schedule of events that you must complete over a given period while writing your research. A Gantt chart may be appropriate whenever you plan to have some overlapping activities in your academic creation progress.

  • Bibliography:

Now that you already have a plan on what to do and accomplish in a thesis, and all necessary steps you will take, it is time to list down references needed for research. You can only develop your bibliography after planning everything else.

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