How to Write an Appendix Essay

Are you wondering how to write an appendix essay for the document you have just created? If so, then you have landed in the right place. A literary appendix, just like its human body counterpart, includes supplementary information, which is not strictly compulsory to the main body of the document.

What is an Appendix?

Appendices are often added at the end of a document to give additional information that will help a reader understand the materials presented. This can include and reference section for students, summary of raw data or additional details on techniques behind the work.


Why Appendix Writing is Important

Writing an appendix is a very productive way of presenting important information that could otherwise clutter up your paper and crush the reader with over-explanatory details. It can be mutually beneficial for both the reader and writer of any custom research paper. To create really professional appendix, read introduction for assignment. This way you can call to mind what was the aim of your writing. A writer can include all supportive materials in appendices without creating any awkward situation for its readers. Eventually, a reader gets all relevant details given with references. A well-written appendix is easily accessible, valuable and engaging for its readers. So if you are struggling to know how to make an appendix, then knowing its importance can be really beneficial to triggering your interest.

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What should be Included in Appendices

How to do an appendix? This is a common question asked by every other student stuck in the situation of preparing appendices for his essay or document. Collecting all the relevant content for the appendices is key to get your job done in a simple way. It can include different things depending upon the type of writing. In majority cases, it includes the following information:

  • Raw data collected during research work for your essay
  • Supporting charts, images and graphs
  • Instruments used to conduct research work
  • All statistics, surveys and interview transcripts
  • Research methods and sample calculations

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Adding Raw Data

Add all raw data that you have collected during research for your document. There’s no need to get worried about the details as you can add anything that you consider relevant to the text in your paper. Anything that supports your findings is worth adding to appendices. Some students want to know how to use appendices. This is because information given there might not separated in a useful way or in accordance with the details discuss earlier.

  • Raw data should include sample calculations, specialized data and raw statistical data.
  • Feel free to add contributory facts from other informative sources that support the findings in your writing. Never forget to cite information that you are giving from other sources.

Include Supporting Charts, Graphs and Images

All visual supporting papers including images, maps, charts, drawing, graphics and photographs need to be presented in your appendices.

  • You can include charts and graphs that you have created specifically for the appendices or can refer to another source for such details.
  • Keep a straightforward structure for all supporting maps, graphs and images.

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Mention Research Instruments

Never forget to note research instruments that you have used throughout the research work, meaning tools like tape recorder, video camera or any other device.

  • For instance, you can write in your appendices, “All surveys and interviews were recorder with a tape recorder.”
  • Mention details about any other device that you used for gathering any specific information related to your study.

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Include Surveys or Interview Transcripts

Interviews and surveys are an important part of the overall layout. So always make sure to add all the surveys and interview transcripts conducted as part of research. The transcript being added should include all questions and answers. Feel free to include stuff like photocopies of hand-written surveys for a better impression.

How to Format an Appendix?

Naming an Appendix

Create appendices formats in such a way that it offers easy readability to readers. Make a clear title on top of a page. Always prefer to use capital letters, for instance, “APPENDIX”. You can keep using the same font and font size that you used for the chapter, report or essay.

  • Create a consistent order f your document has more than one appendices. You can order them by number or letter. For instance, you can use A, B, C etc. if you prefer using letters. On the other hand, you can mention 1,2,3 if you like ordering them using numbers.
  • Start every appendix on a new page if you have many of these. This will save readers from confusion and keep things separate for referencing purposes.

Place Appendices after Reference List

Make sure to place appendices after your list of sources or references. This is a recommended practice if there are no other particular requirements from your professor.

  • List your appendices in the document’s table of contents, if you have done. Mention these based on their names, such as, ‘APPENDIX A’ etc.
  • If the instructor has asked to place the appendix before the reference list, follow his requirements.

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Mention Page Numbers

Your list should have page numbers preferably at the bottom-right corner of every page. Number formatting can be identical to that which you used for a whole document. Numbering makes it easier for readers to locate all required information whenever needed.