The Most Interesting Marketing Dissertation Topics 2021

The latest years have been characterised by the explosion of applications to such universities as Bath, Leeds, or Lancaster, with students showing increased interest in marketing. It’s not surprising as it could be viewed as a profession of the past, present, and future: it is all-encompassing, and marketing techniques are at the centre of biggest money exchange in the world.

Dissertation is a climax of studies, but complications arise prior to any research because you have to decide what to write about. Marketing dissertation topics are diverse and you have to select one that stirs your interest at least a little bit. Personal involvement is crucial in such an assignment type. If you’re being in search of professional dissertation help in UK, you can always find it with our writers; if you search for ideas for inspiration, look at the list below.

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List of the Top Marketing Dissertation Ideas for 2021

For best results, we’ve divided this complex subject into 11 topics.

Marketing Dissertation Topics

  1. Relationship between Clients and Representatives
  2. Intricacies of Marketing Communication to Attract Students’ Attention to a Specific University
  3. Building Friendly Relations with Influencers: Reasons, Methods, and Expected Results
  4. Campaigns Based on Sexual Exposure: Appeal & Target Audience
  5. Three Major Tactics for Making a Horror Movie Draw the Attention of Audience

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Branding Dissertation Topics

They concern narrower aspects, but exploring them is undoubtedly exciting for those who are passionate about this area.

  1. Principles of Creating Relatable Brand: Common Points with Consumers
  2. Superior Brand Positioning for New Hotel Business
  3. Brand Development: Individuals vs. Companies. Differences in Approach
  4. Best Colour Combination for Modern Branding Types
  5. UK Food Logos: Making Brands Distinguished

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Direct Marketing Topics

  1. Direct Contact with Consumers: Do’s & Don’ts
  2. Direct Mail and Its Connection to Ecology
  3. Evaluating Success of Conducted Mail Campaign
  4. Top Five Promotion Objects to Use for Making Direct Campaign Successful
  5. Impulsive Shopping: Psychological & Social Aspects

International marketing dissertation titles form the largest point of interest for numerous individuals. If you’re among them, check these topics.

Topics on Marketing across Cultures

  1. Peculiarities of Launching UK Campaigns in the United Arab Emirates
  2. Differences & Similarities between Luxury Brands for Developed & Developing Countries
  3. Three Ways of Improving Bad International Production Outcomes
  4. Five Creative Techniques of Integrating Elements from Specific Culture into International Campaigns
  5. UK, Australia, New Zealand Differences in Trading


Consumer behaviour dissertation topics are specialty-oriented and more complex than the majority of other themes, but here, you’ll find some themes that evokes curiosity.

Consumer Behaviour

  1. Influence of Belonging to Certain Social Group on Buying Decisions
  2. Three Factors that Alienate Consumers from the Brand
  3. Reasons for Consumers Migrating to Other Brands
  4. Emotions-Motivated Buying Decisions: Their Ground & Perspectives of Their Usage
  5. Methods of Loyalty Cultivation Among the New-Age Customers


Marketing and Social Networks Topics

  1. Most Efficient Social Network from Perspective of Promotions
  2. Three Methods of Reaching the Maximal Amount of Customers via Facebook
  3. Instagram, Influencers, and Promotional Posts: An Improved System of Achieving Customers’ Recognition
  4. 5 Common Mistakes in Communication with Clients via Social Networks
  5. Advertising Launched via Social Media Platforms


Marketing Ethics Topics

  1. People’s Rights Violation During Marketing Research, Their Kinds, & Alleviation Methods
  2. Problematic Cases: Thin Line between Lies, Obfuscation, and Vagueness
  3. Work and Mistakes Committed by Puffery During Campaigns
  4. Marketing vs Propaganda: Concept Differences & Similarities
  5. Health Dangers in Advertising Medical Products


Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

  1. How Do Demands Change According To Generation?
  2. Pay-per-click Kinds of Marketing, Its Efficiency and Drawbacks
  3. Peculiarities of Search for what Keywords to Use for Online Ads
  4. Online Ads that Customers Find Annoying: Their Characteristics and Tactics for Addressing Them
  5. Promotions through Influencers, Email, Search Engine Optimisation


Advertising Dissertation Topics

They present countless ideas that could be investigated in your project.

  1. Seven Ways in Which Advertising Influences Children’s Minds
  2. History of Alcohol Ads & Harm They Caused During Years
  3. Celebrity Endorsement as Outdated Advertising Trend
  4. Is TV Still Good for Ads?
  5. When Advertising Becomes Annoying


Event Management

  1. Functions Performed by Event Managers
  2. Event Planners & Responsibilities They Must Entail
  3. Organising an Event: Five Core Factors that Must Be Considered
  4. Popular Trends in Events Industry
  5. Using Event Management to Boost Profits


Fashion Marketing Dissertation Topics

They form a unique direction that allows combining two of the most creative sides of the world, fashion and advertising.

  1. Gender Differences that Affect the Structure of Fashion Marketing
  2. Fashion Icons and Their Contributions to Products Advertising
  3. Factors Affecting Decision Of Fashion Products Purchase
  4. How Fashion Uses Ads
  5. Body Positivity vs Fashion Advertising


In addition to all those titles, you could also check economics dissertation topics. These two fields are often interrelated, and you could find something interesting there.

Have Chosen A Topic, What’s Next?

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