100 Nursing Dissertation Topics to be the Smartest

As one of the most complex research types, dissertation helps university professors see that a student can show sufficient ability to conduct independent research, synthesize information, and make an original contribution regarding both theoretical and practical constituents. In most cases, this task includes finding an argumentative topic that allows forming strong response to a problem.

The proposal stage is one of the hardest since it is not easy to come up with a unique topic that will be interesting not only for you but also for readers. It may take much time to do research and find a gripping issue. Our Writix experts completed s list of nursing dissertation topics that you may use for your dissertation or which can inspire you to come up with your own idea.


Choosing Dissertation Topic Right

Usually, professors let students choose dissertation topic from the list, but it may also happen that you’ll have to create a unique one. In order to do so, think of what area is more interesting for you, which perspectives it has and if you’ll manage to find enough literature to cover it. Surf the internet, read recent news, new scientific articles, and understand what issue is relevant and is worth exploring.

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Look through various nursing literature review topics, get an idea of what issues has already been covered, how these papers are formatted, in which way they highlight important information. An average dissertation length usually reaches up to 10,000 words, so most professors in the UK recommend starting with an outline which is a structured plan for your future paper. While completing it, you’’ understand if the chosen topic worth writing about and if there’s enough info.

Hot Nursing Dissertation Ideas by Subject

Clinical Management

Remember to include statistics, if available, and methodology methods that must adhere to specific clinical conditions.

  1. The Blood Management
  2. Wound Healing Practices in the UK
  3. Specialist Rehabilitation Services
  4. Radiation Screening
  5. Domains of Subacute Care
  6. Reducing Wastage of Blood and Blood Products
  7. Domestic Violence Signs among clinical management patients
  8. Clinical Stress Reduction
  9. Conflict Resolution Styles
  10. Patient Confidentiality

Public Health

As the most popular course for the nursing dissertation topics UK, public health offers a plethora of various ideas. Start brainstorming these ideas:

  1. Alcohol-related Harms
  2. British Food Safety Rules
  3. Teen Pregnancy
  4. Tobacco Consumption in Women
  5. Motor Vehicle Injuries
  6. Hospital-based Infections
  7. Rural Healing Practices
  8. Substance Consumption
  9. Drugstore Accessibility
  10. Digital Accident Reporting

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Community Nursing

The community nursing services are quite challenging for a dissertation, which is one of the reasons why so many students prefer using a nursing essay writing service, which helps to outline a clearer dissertation structure and find the required number of sources. Including grammar and structure checking, it helps to avoid the most common mistakes an average student makes. Good topics to consider include:

  1. Rehabilitation of Sexual Abuse Victims
  2. Healthcare Demands of Rural Population
  3. Healthcare Surveys in Digital Age
  4. Creative Care Modelling
  5. Immigrant Care
  6. Scottish Culture
  7. Innovative Practices
  8. Patient Records Discussion
  9. Charity Nursing Work
  10. Stress Management

Midwifery Dissertation Topics

Research ideas like:

  1. Risks of Planned Cesarean Birth
  2. Palliative Care Standards
  3. Childbirth Rehabilitation
  4. Immunization During Pregnancy
  5. Intrauterine Fetal Demise
  6. Maternal Illnesses
  7. Home Childbirth
  8. Prenatal Screening
  9. Genetic Disorders
  10. Maternal Anxiety

If necessary, consider starting with midwife nursing literature review ideas, so a correct thesis wording is implemented.

Health Organisations

If you pursue a career in Healthcare Administration or Public Relations, remember that it goes beyond the usual planning activities, financial matters, and healthcare delivery. It also involves child nursing dissertation topics or schools for disabled students analysis through the lens of health institutions service.

  1. Inequality in Healthcare Delivery
  2. Racial Prejudice in Emergency Unit
  3. Rural Conflicts in Healthcare Innovations
  4. Child Rehabilitation in School Facilities
  5. School Screening Practices
  6. Voluntary Work Availability
  7. TV Healthcare Ads
  8. Digital Administration
  9. Distant-care Help
  10. UK Paramedics Training


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Evidence-based Practice

A crucial aspect with these particular nursing dissertation titles is presence of an evidence, which also requires additional paragraph for an extensive methodology part. A perfect example is Infections Control where evidence is collected with statistical data and indication of implemented methodology.

  1. Oscillometric Practices
  2. Red Blood Cell Transfusion Benefits
  3. Impact of Environment for Intramuscular Injections
  4. X-Ray Immune Impact
  5. Substance Analysis
  6. Breast Cancer Reporting
  7. Heritage Immunology
  8. Kindergarten Infections
  9. Laboratory Work Risks
  10. ER Room Precautions

Environmental Health

Things like Air Quality and Water Pollution may sound good, yet most British universities frown upon such papers because of their extent or inclusion of information that is repeated in every book.

  1. Weather Tracking and Informatics
  2. Food Safety Regulations
  3. Digital Control of Pests’ Distribution
  4. Community-Driven Intervention in Whales
  5. Water Quality Bias
  6. British Environmental NGOs
  7. National Parks Status
  8. Nursing in Remote Areas
  9. Chemical Ground Control
  10. Repellents Use in Children

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Occupational Health and Safety

Often dealing with medicine consumption and safety rules, this branch researches ideas like:

  1. Construction Safety
  2. Drugs and Alcohol Testing Policies
  3. Motorcycle Safety
  4. Food Distribution Among NGOs
  5. Airplane Behavioral Patterns
  6. Coal Mining Respiratory Diseases
  7. Healthcare Insurance
  8. Automotive Spinal Risks
  9. Mental Side of Teaching
  10. Painkillers Management

Mental Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

Psychiatric element of healthcare research is challenging, yet it offers enough space for argumentation and scientific proposals. Paper ideas are:

  1. Eating Disorders Among Athletes
  2. PTSD Home Rehabilitation
  3. Depression in British Schoolchildren
  4. Rehabilitation of Injured Army Veterans
  5. Schizophrenia Stages
  6. Child Abuse Victims
  7. Cyberbullying
  8. Bipolar Disorder Families
  9. Nursing Burnout
  10. HIV Social Stigma

Models and Theories in Nursing

Famous works of the best nursing theorists have always made it to the nursing degree dissertation topics because writing about a well-known personality can be researched during the time allocated for research work or data collection.

  1. Patricia Benner’s Theory
  2. Change Model by Kurt Lewin
  3. Betty Neuman’s Heritage
  4. Mental Growth Elements in Living Nursing Model
  5. Dorothea Orem
  6. Madeleine Leininger
  7. Systematic Nursing
  8. Florence Nightingale Heritage
  9. Digital Care Model
  10. Virginia Henderson Morals

When Professional Help is Due

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