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Talking with Kids about LGBTQ Issues

The resources below provide the language and information needed to discuss lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people and issues in an age-appropriate way with children and youth. Resources from HRC's Welcoming Schools Welcoming Schools is an LGBTQ-inclusive approach to…

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Student Life on a Budget

We’re all too familiar with the feeling of never having enough money. It so happens that students are affected by the lack of finances more than anyone. Constantly juggling full-time education, maintenance loans, rent, family, social life, and jobs is…

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University Resources and Technology for Students with Disabilities

Higher education is an exciting stage of life, yet it requires a lot of effort and dedication. Each person entering a university in the UK is embarking on a challenging adventure. People with disabilities face this demanding lifestyle with additional…

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Resources for Educators for the Development of Digital Citizenship

Administrators and teachers are urgently looking for a proven system that will guide them through the complexities of Web 2.0. Too often, events like cyberbullying, sexting, plagiarizing and hacking push litigious chaos into the forefront of technology adoption, essentially stunting…

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Common Core State Standards Tools & Resources

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium is committed to supporting member states and territories as they implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Working with educators, Smarter Balanced will identify high-quality curriculum resources aligned to the CCSS and professional development strategies…

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The Big List of Educational Grants, Contests and Resources

Grants Kids In Need Foundation Teacher Grants Deadline: Depends on grant type (from July 15 to September 30 each year) The Kids in Need Foundation, along with a variety of partner organizations, is offering a range of grants to fund…

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Online Resources for Parents

TOP TIPS for Primary School Age Children Taking Care of Assistive Technology in the Home This sheet provides helpful tips to parents of students who are using their assistive technology at home to access learning. English Junior and Senior Infants…

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Apps for Students With Learning Disabilities: Organization and Study

Students with learning disabilities often have trouble with study skills like getting and staying organized—a crucial executive function skill—and remembering what needs to happen and when. We have researched and/or tested the following apps, and found them especially helpful. We…

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STEM Resources

The following publications summarize research focused on what works to engage and support girls in STEM. These publications present new research or distill existing research and provide it in user-friendly formats to inform programming, reference in presentations, and cite when…

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Helping Children After a Natural Disaster: Information for Families and Educators

Natural disasters can be especially traumatic for children and youth. Experiencing a dangerous or violent flood, storm, or earthquake is frightening even for adults, and the devastation to the familiar environment (i.e., home and community) can be long-lasting and distressing.…

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