Great Politics Dissertation Topics to Inspire You

Dissertation is a nightmare for some students because they aren’t sure they could conduct good research and stay focused for the entire year of writing it. When it comes to politics, matter is even more complicated because this is a vast field with numerous potential points of interest. Finding reliable sources and developing a sample is hard, too, with how many possibilities are around. Everyone knows that to succeed, it’s essential to find a theme you feel truly passionate about. But how to choose among politics dissertation topics and find the one that brings inspiration? We have prepared a list of new themes you might want to explore. Look at them and select something you find worthy of your analysis!

politics dissertation topics

Topics for Your Future Dissertation

To be sure there is something intriguing for you, we have selected 8 most relevant groups of themes. Each has 9 topics, with all of them presenting either modern or historical value for researchers.

9/11 Politics Dissertation Topics

  1. 9/11 tragedy as an excuse for American military aggression
  2. Actions taken by American government prior to 9/11: foundation for a long-term military plan
  3. Effects that were done by September 11 attacks on the US political system
  4. 9/11 & UK: Connection, repercussions, precedents
  5. Consequences caused by attacks on World Trade Centre on world’s politics
  6. Actions that could prevent future terrorist attacks: 9/11 as a case study
  7. International reaction to September 11 attacks
  8. Shaping political attitudes among families of victims who died on 9/11
  9. Three most influential speeches given after 9/11: Motivation & impact
  10. Actions that were taken after 9/11 happened


With the crucial role that Africa has in the world, there are politics dissertation ideas that students could choose from.

  1. African governance forms & their negative influence on region
  2. African corruption: Political deals with other countries & parties that benefit from it
  3. Ineffective medical care in Africa as a result of manipulations
  4. Flawed & effective public funds usage
  5. How African politics contributes to the gap between classes
  6. Youth unemployment on African continent
  7. Challenges with population growth. Its potential disastrous consequences
  8. Al-Shabaab Activities – their destructive impact on life of African population
  9. African civil wars: Their consequences for Africa
  10. Mitigating human trafficking – reasons & ways

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Arabs and the Israelis Dissertation Topics

There are also international relations dissertation topics that could nterest to you.

  1. Repercussions posed by Arabs & Israelis for the UK’s well-being
  2. Arabs living on Israel territories: Their meaning on international & local scales
  3. The UK & the USA roles in conflict between Arabs and Israelis
  4. Emigrants from Israel and the UAE who live in Great Britain
  5. British government attitude towards independent Arab nations. Its consequences for relations with Israel
  6. Anglo-Israeli relationship from political prism: Potential Arab intervention
  7. British participation in the Arab-Israeli War. Way its future intervention looks like
  8. Arab-Israeli conflict influence on world’s political system
  9. British favouritism is shown to Arabs rather than Israeli population
  10. Coexistence & problems associated with Brexit

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Dissertation Topics on Pakistan and Afghanistan

War and terrorism dissertation ideas are always valuable due to their contribution to politics world they might make. With aggressiveness occurring in Pakistan or Afghanistan, exploring them is both engaging and beneficial.

  1. British soldiers fighting for Pakistan & Afghanistan: Motivation & goals
  2. World Cup, a conflict between Pakistan & Afghanistan: Britain reaction
  3. Foreign policy demonstrated by UK regarding Pakistan & Afghanistan
  4. Afghanistan–Pakistan relations & leverage that the UK possesses as its source of influence on both regions
  5. Great Britain supporting development of Afghanistan vs Pakistan conflict
  6. Durand Line – its global consequences
  7. Leaders meeting representing Afghanistan, Pakistan, Britain: Meaning & future scenario
  8. Five steps – How Britain could help resolve Afghanistan–Pakistan conflict
  9. Reasons for British invasion in Afghanistan as related to Pakistan
  10. Pakistan-Afghanistan Conflict: Ways to resolve

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Politics and media Dissertation Topics

With how influential media are, it’s essential to explore available international relations dissertation topics.

  1. Media support that was shown towards capitalism and democracy concepts
  2. Right wing – left wing: UK print media preferences
  3. How media views Brexit & which political stances it supports
  4. Ways in which politicians affect media in the UK
  5. Scandals that media buried: Guilty parties & corruption
  6. News coverage of the UK international aggression: Truth or myths
  7. Online media as a more honest form of news coverage in the UK
  8. UK media attempts to rewrite British history
  9. Interaction between the UN & media: Mutual dependency
  10. Changing nature of published articles over three decades


Dissertation Topics about Political parties

This topic is among the widest fields with hundreds of catchy politics dissertation topics.

  1. Presidential and parliamentary forms of government.
  2. UK labour party and its agenda: Examination of history & goals
  3. British conservative party: Development & future
  4. House of Lords and its influence on British development
  5. House of Commons versus House of Lords: People’s preference & reasoning
  6. Three major parties in Great Britain, forces that shaped them
  7. Elections in Britain and political forces that affect them: Transparency & secrecy
  8. False democracy: How British parties ruined it within last ten years
  9. Participation of British parties in international civil wars
  10. Top parties representing government

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Politics and Religion Dissertation Topics

Religion is often destructive, so there are even more terrorism dissertation ideas offered in this field.

  1. How religion in UK affects development of its politics
  2. Largest religious groups as sources of influence in a country
  3. Religious policies promoted by non-religious parties
  4. Wars fuelled by religion – British participation in them
  5. Ways in which politics has influenced development of religion on the UK territory
  6. Religious beliefs of UK leaders and how it affects their decisions
  7. True faith versus false faith: Authenticity of British politicians
  8. Religion as a weapon used by politicians to achieve their goals
  9. Terrorism as a result of region and politics confrontation
  10. Desire of public servants to cultivate their status among religious population

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Electoral systems Dissertation Topics

  1. Voting attitudes shaped by the influence of electoral systems
  2. Electoral systems as related to the European union
  3. Ethnic diversity inside electoral systems
  4. True influence voters have on election outcomes in Britain
  5. Patterns witnessed within electoral systems over the last 10 years
  6. Electoral systems comparison: US & UK as a case study
  7. Electoral systems models, their consequences on political atmosphere
  8. Extremism demonstrated in electoral systems
  9. Elections results: Authenticity & forgeries
  10. Voting System – Structure & drawbacks


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