7 Body Language Mistakes You Make At Work

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Communication at work is very important for any professional. The way you relate to your colleagues, your customers or even your bosses will determine the development of your work and also the comfort you can feel in your day to day. When talking about communication at work everyone comes to mind a conversation, a meeting or a report, and many times we overlook that our gestures or our way of acting also say a lot about us. Therefore, today we want to talk about body language as a form of non-verbal communication and how it influences when it comes to achieving your goals. So, in today’s post we will give you advice to avoid some behaviors that if you leave aside will help you to establish a greater communicative relationship with your environment.

Take note of these behaviors or gestures that can cause you to transmit sensations or emotions that you do not want.

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  • Visual contact: It is the first point of our list because we consider it very important. Not looking at your interlocutor’s eyes denotes a lack of confidence and nervousness, so you should try to do it without being unnatural.
  • Handshake: When we greet someone in a more professional environment, we often use this gesture that can also say a lot about us. Thus, you should try to be firm but natural at the time of shaking hands. If you do it very weakly you will be showing insecurity but if you do it very hard you can make the other person uncomfortable.
  • Sit with a bad posture: In a meeting or a conversation with a client in which you find yourself sitting, you have to try to look comfortable but without falling into a forced or unprofessional position. Sometimes it is difficult for us to sit as straight as possible but it is important to give a good image.
  • Show signs of nervousness: There are times when, when we are uncomfortable or in a tense situation, we can not avoid touching our faces, repetitively shaking a leg or playing with our hair. You should try to control this type of body language so as not to give an image of insecurity.
  • Play with environmental objects: For example, with a pen on the table. It is a gesture we make when we do not realize it, but in a relationship or conversation with another person it may mean that we are not interested in what you are saying.
  • Use your hands a lot when talking: Our body serves as support in the speech, but making too many fusses can show, once again, that you feel insecure, so it is best to try to measure this kind of gestures.
  • Not smiling: Of course, it will depend on the situation and the type of communication we are carrying out, but in general, the smile is a sign of empathy, so it is good to use it in measured doses to create a bond with the interlocutor.

Body language is almost as important as our words, and often we are not aware of what we transmit with our gestures, so in this post we have tried to give you some advice when it comes to improving your attitude in the professional field to create the best link to the recipient of the message.


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