Essays on A Passage to India

A Passage To India: The Theme Of Colonialism

Traditionally, as discussed previously in lectures and essays, E. M. Forster’s novel A Passage to India has been analyzed and unscrambled by its pioneer-like consciousness of the British empire’s colonialism via reflecting imperialistic and colonial ideologies. This way of understanding of this consciousness of colonialism could easily be detected throughout the book’s various major and...
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Human’s Connection In E. M. Forster’s A Passage To India

Introduction The trajectory of the relationship between the colonised and coloniser in English literature has been discovered through the writings prominent author namely Doris Lessing (1919-2013), Joseph Conrad (1857-1924), Chinua Achebe (1930-2013) and E.M. Forster (1979-1970). Canonical writings of the aforementioned writers like The Grass is Singing (1950) and Heart of Darkness (1902) for example,...
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