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I like many, was shocked when I first saw the Alabama Abortion Bill. It seemed like Instagram and snapchat had gone from millions of selfies and filters to a spiral of political debates between millions, each posting, and reposting their views and a range of news articles. However many of the points made between people, seemed to miss out critical parts of this whole “issue.” And before anyone asks, I am pro choice abortion.

The Alabama abortion bill essentially criminalizes a medical procedure, a abortion. The bill means that in any case other than if the mothers life is in danger, you cannot legally have a abortion, this measns if you became impregnanted from rape or insest you have have to give birth to that ‘baby.’ I personally think this is wrong and disgusting that women are not allowed the right to choose. If your are a docter and carried out a abortion in Alabama today, you can get 99 years in prison.

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Now to what seemed to be the most focused on topic about this whole bill, the fact that 31 out of 35 senators were male and that none of the 4 women senators backed the bill. I find it odd that such a big decision made by a woman about abortion could be left in the hands of men. The bill has such control and effect on any pregnant woman’s life that many men will just never understand or have to face themselves. However, I think it’s the thoughts and points that were made that are important, not the gender of whoever made them.

The bill was signed by Kay Ivey, Ivey is republican and is Alabama’s governor who in my opinion made some very questionable statements. When she first signed the Alabama Abortion bill she wrote a statement about how “all life is sacred” however Kay Ivey is pro death pentalty. So ‘All human life is precious’ yet the same day Ivey signed this, the state of Alabama executed the 7th prisoner in Iveys 2 years in office, and another scheduled for May 30th. Without getting into the executed peoples crimes, you can’t say ‘All human life is precious’ and then be executing people the same day, or at least that is what I believe. I also find it odd how most republicans talk about how abortion is killing a gift from god when they seem to have no issue with separting immigrant children from their families and leaving them in cages at the border. Not to mention republicans being pro gun as well. I just find this to be saying one thing but doing another.

Consisering ¼ of Us women will have a abortion before turning 45, I think all women should have the choice on if they have a abortion or not, as it is a very diffucilt decison for anyone to make. Thank you for listening to my talk.


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