Accounting And Finance: My Experience

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Accounting and Finance are one of the mains focuses on a business and without the knowledge of Accountancy and being Financially educated a business is most likely not going to get through the survival stage of the business. Since I was 15, I started to get into business, money and I was really into creating passive income for myself, so I thought to myself if I want to create a life of financial freedom and support my family then accounting and finance is the best career for me as it has my passion for creating a business and obtain a knowledge of financial education. Accounting and finance are a subject which gives you authority over your life because when I finish my degree and my life plan doesn’t go to plan I still have the education needed to financially get by. My long-term career goal is to finish a master in accounting and finance.

Currently, I am studying Business studies, Financial studies and Criminology. These subjects have taught me the true power of organisation and planning, I have massively improved my confidence in communication, my leadership skills have always been good, but they have become much more thorough and decisive and most importantly my resilience, business studies have also taught me to always to listen for other people’s ideas as they could have improved on my idea or have another much better idea and if I don’t consider any other ideas apart from my own then I will not grow as an entrepreneur. Financial studies have taught me, not just organisation in the sense of work but financially plan, I now know the power of a credit card and how I can build my credit point as well as budgeting when I don’t have enough money for a normal week or month I have learnt to identify and cut down on non-essential expenditures.

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Working at Marks and Spencer’s made me see the importance in customer service and that the employees carry the company because the first rule I was taught there was ‘customers are always right’ meaning without customers then a business does not grow. Working under pressure was a big deal in marks and spencer, I had to restock shelves, help customers and fixing mistakes. For me the biggest skill I gained from the work experience is working in a team, this will greatly benefit me in university as I will be put in groups for assignments and when I implement my skill I will not only get help from other students but I will also help them and through this, I can get my degree and also help motivate others to get theirs too.

During this quarantine, I have gained a love for planning. I see this new love for planning a gift as now as I can get things done quicker and be able to do extra revision for the subject. Researching about philosophy has also become a new hobby and researching my faith has only allowed me to become more serious about God and my life, this hobby has also allowed me to analyse things from both sides so that I get an accurate look at a situation, I also have a strong belief this will help me in the world of accountancy and finance because when looking at different types of risks and analysing them get you an accurate depiction on which direction the business should move.

An Accounting and finance degree will essentially open doors for me and I am willing to work hard to achieve my degree which in the long-term will help with my future goals. My enthusiasm and resilience will prove I am suitable for this course. I also strongly believe my time at university will be a positive experience as I plan on networking and partnering with other people to create a business and surround myself with people that want success.


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