Adolescent Relationships

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Gender topics can be the most sensitive and open discussion as both men and women face discrimination from the opposite sex for years, often fighting how one is much superior to the other.

It is common knowledge that the harsh laws from before did not really benefit both sexes. It is told that the “Women’s place is in the home” while men were to work to support their family. My grandmother for example, initially wanted to be a teacher but entering an adult relationship at a young age before was quite normal than it is now, and because wages to women compared to men were much shorter,

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She contemplated whether she wanted to continue her dream, but ended up choosing to have a family instead and stayed at home and watched over seven children.

Though she had admitted to having more of a relaxed life as a housewife than my grandfather who’s at work most of the time, and given the fact that she gets to catch up with her other housewives friends to play “bingo”.

With that way of living, consider how single mothers deal with it.

Women once suffered from supremacy against men, often titled to be beneath men in every way. But through the years that idea lessens as women who had enough of it eventually learned to stand up for themselves and raise advocates, (with the help of the media) gathering supporters (feminism) to earn rights as an individual and influencing the newer generations.

Nevertheless, It is not only women who are affected by this. Men are taught to be tough, that they are to grow up as the breadwinner of their future families, pressured to fit into the idea of “how men should be”.

This is one of the mental issues faced by men.

Three out of four men under the age of 35 commit suicide due to emotional and mental issues they face, as they are most likely to bottle up their feelings and suffer in silence rather than seek help.

Media campaigns apply for its help through this, raising rights that would benefit both sexes. Emma Watson, (during her “HeForShe campaign speech) stated that; “fighting for women’s rights has too often become synonymous to man-hating” and adding that it has to stop.

With a fair fight like this, men will feel less pressure with the idea of having to be the breadwinner as independence in both sexes can help broaden relationships among both genders and relationships with themselves.

Though in terms of gender roles, the harshness of the laws before had taken a huge toll on the world now. Independence and pride became widely known and as much as it helps broaden your relationship with yourself, it does not really fix bridges with the opposite sex.

Feminism has long been used wrongly, often to be taken more as “female rights” when it is by definition, really means “equal rights”, and because of this, the word is sometimes violated by women themselves, decreasing the chances for a better economic and political relationship with each other.

I believe that to succeed, it is important to learn that both parties should learn to participate in embracing the changing world. Both should be willing to accept. The whole world can’t agree, but this is something that could go on forever, as there are still a few countries that don’t consider equal rights.

The longest journey starts with a single step, so if not now, when? 


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