Advantages Of Utility Customer Service

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As all kinds of utility companies in the country continue to march toward a data-driven paradigm, substantial investments in smart and new technologies are on a roll. One of these technologies is a smart meter.

It is quite similar to a traditional meter in your home as it measures, and records data related to energy consumption. However, smart meters differ from traditional meters because they are digital devices that can remotely communicate with your utility company.

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A smart meter often comes with in-home displays, allowing you to better understand and monitor your energy usage. Besides reporting your energy consumption, smart meters can also inform the utility immediately if there is a power outage in your area.

The growing importance of smart meters these days for the visibility and transparency of information for energy consumers lies in the fact that with traditional meters it’s very easy for consumers to use more energy than they really need. Smart meters are great as they enable consumers to see the amount of energy they’re using and when they are using it.

Moreover, smart meters can also retain historical information regarding past energy use, allowing consumers to compare their current energy consumption level with past usage.

Utility Customer Services

Utility companies have to identify the areas customer satisfaction needs improvement, and if there are any unnecessary contacts and costs. Traditionally, customer experience for utilities and power companies took a backseat to many operational priorities.

The utility industry, however, has come quite a long way over the last decade, undergoing a radical shift. The industry has realized it has to start viewing customers differently. Not too long ago, they were considered ratepayers or bill payers; however, now utility companies see them in the light of their entire customer journey.

Great customer service experience often leaves an imprint on customers’ mind and has proved to be a defining factor for many returning customers.

One of the keys to success in utilities nowadays is mapping transformation efforts in order to service priorities. For example, artificial intelligence can be used for deploying a remarkable customer service response to many problems that arise.

And central to all this is the intelligent and effective use of data. The collection, utilization, and storage of high-quality data can drive automation technology, which means providers can either nullify or minimize problems before they can take root or streamline their service to resolution.

Most energy consumers today use technology in their everyday lives. Technology in the form of online portals and mobile applications provide convenient and effective engagement with customers.

To forge an end-to-end relationship with their customers rather than simply a transactional one, utilities must integrate technology into the journey. Also, allowing customers to use the latest digital channels can help drive down costs for these companies and self-service is usually more satisfying to customers.

Cultural alignment is also important. A service culture is developed through the alignment of behaviors and values espoused by top leadership, embraced by employees and then sustained by an organization’s policies, structure, and procedures.

Through tracking customer interaction with an organization, companies can use data to nurture relationships. For example, the company can offer personalized recommendations that are applicable to specific customers.

Smart meters will also continue to be highly sought-after by utility companies to nourish customer-brand relationships. And it would be very interesting to note what other product developments and innovations will become prominent in the smart meter landscape.

Finally, to make sure progress in improving customer service is continuous, companies will have to set clear and measurable goals and use metrics in order to track performance as well as the impact of changes. Smart meters are a step in the right direction.   


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