Essays on Age

The Correlation Between Gender And Longevity

Gender plays an enormous role in the way males and females perceive their illness and symptoms. Women tend to have more symptoms than men and have been shown to outlive men by an average of three years (Ogden, 2017). There are many factors that can contribute to this. From a biological standpoint, females, in general,...
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Factors That Influence The Process Of Ageing

Ageing is defined as the progressive loss of function accompanied by decreasing fertility and increasing mortality with advancing age (Kirkwood, et al., 2000). A gene, as described by The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica (2019) is a unit of hereditary information and thus, is continuous; passed down from generation to generation. There have been various discussions...
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Factors Maximizing The Longevity

The expected lifetime is gradually increasing worldwide. For healthy ageing there are variety of options which will be used including healthy dietary and exercise habits. to reduce or prevent obesity certain sorts of diet could also be used which will also reduce the risk of, e.g., cardiovascular disease (CVD). Exercise reduces the risk of diseases...
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Optimal Aging: The Main Idea

By definition, Optimal Aging is the capacity to function across many domains such as physical, functional, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual to one’s satisfaction and despite one’s medical conditions (What Is Optimal Aging?). A person that I believe to be aging optimally is my mother (I mean this in the nicest way). My mom is...
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Factors And Biomarkers For Aging

Exercise and aging Although lots of money and efforts have been invested into drug development, no drug is found to be effective in combatting aging. It is important to note that exercise is a truly effective anti-aging measure. In the absence of suitable treatments for age-related dysfunction, exercise is currently the only intervention that shows...
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The Aging Population And Their Health Policies: Social Policy Outline

Policy Paper Outline: The policies and legislation surrounding the aging population in relation to their mental health will be the primary topic discussed and analysed within my critical policy analysis paper. My paper will discuss how these policies both try to support those in the aging population, though how the policies are not always put...
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The Realities Of Becoming An Adult

In the short story, “Araby,” the author, James Joyce, illustrates a boy’s quest to fall in love with his best friend’s sister, but is unaware that his illusion is all a dream. At the end of his childhood journey, the disillusionment that the boy faces changes his perspective on adulthood. He is a teenage boy...
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Personal Statement Adult Nursing

Growing up, I have always had a natural compulsion to care for people in need of help. I had looked after my young ones, volunteered with my church to reach out to the orphans, homeless and the elderly in my community. My motivation to become an adult nurse, ignited when my mother was diagnosed with...
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Analysis Of Adult Learning Theories

When we talk about education and training, our first thought is to focus on children. In fact, we often think about childhood being solely focused on training and teaching. But is this the real point of learning? Giving notions to the younger generation? Is this enough for a life time of education and training? In...
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Osteoarthritis Is Occurs Mostly In Elderly Women Than Men (old Age)

Introduction Osteo stands for bone as well as arthritis stands for inflammation of joints. Osteoarthritis is caused due to stress which happens mechanically to joints such as when we are doing few works. So mainly an illness that outcome in wear as well as tear of the joint capsule and tiny bones even the parts....
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