American Dream In Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The American Dream is one thing that everyone wishes to have, but sometimes this dream gets in the way of reality which then affects your life in drastic ways. This book by F.Scott Fitzgerald shows us how quickly your life can drastically change from caring about what others think. This story of Jay Gatsby embodies how money isn’t able to cure sadness and despair, it can only distract you from the pain for a little while. Money is said to be the answer for many things, but in reality, it can be misused as a distraction from reality. Jay Gatsby is known to throw parties at his house, some say that this can be a way that he shows off his money and gets people talking about him, but I believe that he has these get-togethers so that he isn’t alone in the house. Jay was known to throw his money around carelessly as a way to brag to the ones that didn’t have as much money, “Why they came to the East I don’t know, They had spent a year in France for no particular reason, and then drifted here and there unresentfully wherever people played polo and were rich together.” (Fitzgerald, 17). This quote defines how carelessly Gatsby was with his money and how he was perceived by other people (being rich and traveling for no reason).

Love is a big theme in this particular story, but this isn’t love that they are showing. They are showing romance that is bought with their money, none of the characters are actually in love. At a part in the story, Daisy is torn between Jay and Tom, and since Jay has lots of money, he spent money on her so she would choose him and not Tom because of his wealth. This shows the reader that he threw around money to get what he wanted (even if it wasn’t a happy relationship). Myrtle was also in a relationship that she didn’t want to be in, George “doesn’t fit Myrtle’s shoes” (Fitzgerald,34). She was having an affair with Tom who was also cheating on his wife, Daisy. This shows us that the amount of money you have doesn’t determine a happy relationship.

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Jay Gatsby ended up being murdered in his backyard and died without living a happy life. He was so caught up in fitting in with the American dream that he didn’t let people into his life and was quite a lonely man. I mentioned before that he “bought” Daisy by using his money to make her leave Tom, after all of this trouble she didn’t even attend his funeral, he bought her romance without love. He was so concerned about his image that he forgot to live his life to the fullest and not care about what other people think about him.

Jay Gatsby wasn’t able to use his money to buy happiness, he was only able to spend excessive amounts of money, buying romance instead of falling in love, and this led to him dying alone and sad. 


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