Essays on Amy Tan

The Adverse Life Of Amy Tan

Amy Tan is a highly accomplished and talented novelist that has composed several best selling stories. Although the majority of her novels were fiction, she composed them of a mixture of anecdotes from her life to relate to everyday challenges faced by individuals. Therefore, allowing her readers to draw connections from their own lives to...
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Mother Tongue: The Theme Of Discrimination Of Non-native Speakers

In Amy Tan’s essay, “Mother Tongue” the Asian American novelist does a detailed job connecting with the reader in her writing. The way she uses rhetorical devices such as the pathos and logos appeal, but also the way she uses her tone and words of choice in her essay, help us better understand where she...
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Cultural Crisis In Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club

Abstract Children become more appreciative of their parents as they become adults. In The Joy Luck Club, four daughters ‘ attitudes toward their mothers shift as the girls grow and understand that after all, their mothers aren’t that special. Key words: Crisis, Culture, dream, Nationality, Aborigins As children, the daughters in this book are ashamed...
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