An Impact Of Civil War In America

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I would like to think, the Civil War was one of the most persuasive wars that America has fought in history. There were massive changes that happened not only during the war but long afterwards. This war would change history and lives of millions of people and many generations. It was an important war to fight from a social, political and ideological perspective

Abraham Lincoln said “Let every American, every lover of liberty, every well wisher to his posterity, swear by the blood of the Revolution, never to violate in the least particular, the laws of the country; and never to tolerate their violation by others.” What a ground breaking quote in such a turbulent time in America.

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The Civil War would change how wars were fought going forward. The Industrial Revolution made it possible for the North and the South to fight using new technology. This was the first war they had iron ships instead of ships made out of wood. They had cannons and “first generation hand grenades and submarines”. They utilized the railways for many purposes from transporting troops to moving supplies. Not all parts of the war were advanced, however, medicine did not keep up with the changing times and more soldiers died from many diseases that are curable or non existing because of vacations then died in battle.

From a social perspective the Civil War changed America forever. The South wanted to become their own country and break away from the North so they could keep slavery. Even though in the beginning the North said the war wasn’t about freeing the slaves the war became about that. The Civil War would change black Americans lives for generations to come. Some of the slaves were freed but not all of them. When the slaves were freed not only did it change the lives of the slaves but the slave owners as well. Black people were now able to become soldiers. Because the men were now fighting in the War the women in the North and the South they operated farms and worked in factories and more importantly became nurses and helped the soldiers in battle. You would have thought with the slaves being freed and fighting in the war with white meant that they would have been considered more of an equal but that was not the case. People became more prejudice towards black people then accepting of them. “The Klu Klux Klan was formed to try to keep control over the newly freed slaves.” For the first time in history reporters were on the battlefields with the soldiers. They would write about the battles and publish the names of all the soldiers that died. Having reports could be considered a good and bad thing.

Economically, the war was mostly fought in the South which destroyed a lot of it. The South was economically hurt because it was expensive to rebuild, whereas, the North didn’t suffer much destruction so was able to flourish. The owners had to learn to survive without having free labour and the slaves had to learn how to earn money and survive. For the first time in history slaves were able to work and earn a living and move around freely. Whole families were able to leave plantations and the women chose to get out of the fields and work inside the home. 


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