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Adolescents have always been a matter of public concern as they’ll become the pillar of society. Regardless of background, ability, and belief, they have healthy bodies and minds and develop mature interpersonal relationships. They strive to pursue their ideals and exert their strengths in their respective positions, but without the psychological and physical development, how can they achieve those goals? Sexual Health of Adolescents has mentioned for a long time, In 1986, Hong Kong Education Bureau published the ‘School Sex Education Guidelines’ in the Hong Kong Curriculum Development Council in order to encourage students to learn sexual knowledge, cultivate appropriate attitudes, establish values, and master various skills, also to deal with their sexual and emotional stress.

Under this guideline, the cases of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections in adolescents keep on increasing, just like the new cases of HIV infection among adolescents, it’d increased substantially.

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Many people in the community mistakenly believe that comprehensive sex education will encourage young people to have sex prematurely. However, it doesn’t mean that not let adolescents know about what ‘sex’ means, then they will not encounter sexual confusion and crisis, it can only help by empowering adolescents with sufficient sexual knowledge and life skills, so that they can make rational judgments in love relationships and sexual behaviors, and establish positive communication skills to protect them from the threat of sexual violence, unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

People living with HIV have always been younger. As they are more likely to contact virus carriers through dating apps or sex workers, with their frequents of having sexual activity, it makes them more vulnerable to infection. Since Hong Kong still not make decision of the Legalization Assignment of Prostitution, which cause the difficulties of achieving safer sexual behavior, and there’s no way to make sure adolescents and sex workers to use condoms for protection of preventing the spread of disease, as the government are not able to require those workers to conduct regular disease detection.

In April 2016 to March 2017, AIDS Concern Health Service Center had conducted a questionnaire with 195 young girls between 15-24 ages to understand their use rate of condom and also the STD infection rate. They found that there only have 16%, 22%, and 29% girls ‘ use condom every time’. 20% of the young girls said they did not use condoms in connection with their partners base on those reason: ‘the partner asked not to use condoms’, ‘don’t want to break the mood’, ‘not to use condoms is a’ closer relationship’ performance’ and ‘ fear of making the relationship worse ‘, which can find that they are willing to maintain their intimacy with partner even though they have to give up the autonomy to use condoms and have the risk of STD infection. Like the Platonic love, it emphasizes that the love between people should be more of a kind of spiritual communication, which does not need to be expressed through sensuality, which similar to the thought of most girls.

Faced with today’s sexual health crisis, it is necessary to reform the one-sided and fragmented sex education curriculum in schools. Although the current government has repeatedly explained that sex education has been included in the curriculum of different disciplines; however, the curriculum goals of different disciplines are different, and there is a lack of a systematic sex education curriculum framework, so that sex education in many schools is only about teaching reproduction. The level of organ knowledge and talking about the consequences of sexual behavior has clearly failed to provide adolescents with adequate equipment. With the comprehensive sexuality education, it will not only prevent adolescents from having sex earlier, but also effectively ensure that adolescents establish their sexual autonomy in relationships and use condoms consistently and correctly when they choose to have sex.

UNESCO has published the latest (International technical guidance on sexuality education), which combines the state and experience of the development of sexual education in countries around the world in the last ten years, including increasing the number of key learning concepts from six to eight. Describe the different topics that each age group should accept, and how to truly grasp attitudes, skills and knowledge. It also shows the affirmation of the implementation of comprehensive sex education and create a chapter to explains what is CSE. 


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