Analysis Of The Stonehenge Nature

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Stonehenge is the most famous monolith, built in Britain 5000 years ago by the native druids. Supposedly, it originally looked something like a tiny Roman colosseum with a large ring around it.

Portal tombs are burials that have to large upright stones and one horizontal stone over them. Passage tombs are tombs with narrow passages leading to several burials with a roof of mounded dirt.

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Finger flutings are when soft materials like dirt have fingers ran through them and they leave a mark.

Prehistoric art is art that was created before writing.

Shamanism is the use of trances to induce visions and insight from spirits. Common forms of inducing trances are drum beats, deliberate breathing techniques, psychedelics and chants.

I think early humans created art because, although we have a lot of technology, it’s been a relatively short time in the evolutionary scale, and I speculate our minds worked pretty much the same, only that theirs were preoccupied with much lower needs, like food and water. There is something deeply satisfying with being creative, and maybe some just had nothing else to do after a day of surviving, but I’m sure that for a lot art was a big part of their life, and gave moments of freedom from the harshness of life.

Prehistoric art is hard to know about because, it’s in the name; it’s prehistoric. So no organized human life and no writing, that and erosion.

Challenges early people faced when building megaliths? C’mon man, really? I mean why does that obvious nonsense need to be answered? They had to somehow move the big rocks with little to no known tools, on top of meeting their basic survival needs which weren’t a cake walk.

My art critique is of the paleolithic cave drawing of aurochs. The painting uses black and red paint, and is of prehistoric cows. They used charred bone and colored dirt among other things to paint. Pre-ice age and agriculture. They did well to make them big and red, which draws attention, as well as not putting a bunch of other stuff to close, so they used space well. They also highlighted the animals strength by making their bodies huge.

I am analyzing the piece with the aurochs and the small humans. The way they made the humans smaller shows how revered/strong the animal is, and they made it so they are all pointing towards the animal too. They used very simple lines. They did well to give the animal two colors, red and black, to show it’s importance.


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