Essays on Ancient Greece

Inventions In Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece is known throughout history for its innumerable inventions that have reached us. In the period of 800-146 BCE, the Greeks invented items that have contributed to the culture of the world, some of them are: The watermill was invented in the first half of 3rd-century B.C.E. The water mill was an invention that...
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Religion In Ancient Greece

Religion is feelings, beliefs and, emotions that define the relationships between people and god. Belief in God was created in almost the same way in all civilizations. Natural phenomena had played a major role in the formation of people’s religious beliefs. When people were faced with storms, fires, earthquakes and more, they began to think...
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Roles Of People In Ancient Greece

Citizens: Ancient Greek societies gave the citizens of Ancient Greece rights and responsibilities. These rights were not given to slaves or other subordinate people. The Greeks limited citizenship to children who were born to parents who were citizens as well. Only on rare occasions would polis let foreigners have citizenship, usually the people who were...
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Greek Mythology Of Troy And Relation To The Modern Society

Troy was a city that was proven to be the strongest city in the all of Greek. This was because of the walls of troy that had been said to have stood for a long period of time. Also, because the prince hector who was said to be a warrior Troy always prevailed. Just like...
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Sparta: Classes And Social Life

Sparta, located in the Peloponnesus peninsula, was a powerful city state that had it’s own unique traditions and rules. Since most of Spartan’s life was concentrated on war, their social life and class system also depended on survival. Leaders of Sparta were eager to raise fearless soldiers and were cruel to anyone who didn’t support...
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Comparison Of Alexander The Great And Julius Caesar

Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar are two of the most powerful names in all of ancient history, leaders who both impacted their era and the future. “Alexander the Great… took the dynamic of glory, gain and conquest to unprecedented lengths” (Fox 222) and became “incomparably richer than anyone known in previous Greek history, [as]...

Why Alexander Was Called The Great

Why was Alexander the great such a great person? A lot of people might be asking the same question on how he got his name. I will be saying opinions on why he is so great and what he has done to get that title. Some of the things that made him such a great...
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Analysis Of Troy In Homer’s Poem

“War will be every man’s concern, especially mine, of all those who live in Troy. (Iliad 6, lines 604-5)”. Hector thinks that above all others, he is the most important to Troy’s fate in war. I will demonstrate how we look at this without involving the authority of the gods, immortals and muses, by using...
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Life And Fate Of Women Of Troy

Introduction Fate and Suffering (Downfall) Set in a world where the impact of war has the power to manipulate the idea of fate and future, Euripides’ “Women of Troy” illustrated the vulnerability of not only men, but women as well. By mirroring the historical context of the Peloponnesian war, Euripides uses Hecuba to encapsulate his...
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Alexander The Great’s Positive Effects

Alexander the Great’s conquests in the third century BC had a meaningful positive effect on his time by developing trade routes, making a standard language spoken, prompting a significant change in religion and establishing the framework for new political structure, the unification of the Mediterranean also increased the slave trade. Through the opening of these...
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