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In the Ancient world many cultures lived many standards that have set up their ways of life. In most cultures many practiced different types of religions and lived by principles set in stone by their leaders. Also, many had different types of language of way of life whether it was art or religion that made civilizations what they were. In civilizations such as ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia shared many similar ways of life and how all they went about them through daily life and culture. In each civilization religion and worshiping god(s) was essential to the livelihoods they built for themselves. Historically, each civilization has played crucial roles in our world which paved the way for the society of today through religion and architecture.

For Egyptians, many people lived simple lives that centered around what their gods felt what was best for them. While living many Egyptians settled on the importance of life and living day by day trying to survive through things they built to help keep their kingdoms thriving especially when it came to being on the defense and protecting themselves from invaders. Egyptians spoke and built through art whether it was pyramids or sets of languages which created many ways that have helped them communicate such as hieroglyphics detailing certain lettering and images that even the world today still mean something. Egyptians saw their gods as supreme royalty especially because most gods were all former rulers who needed to be pleased by the kind actions and sacrifice of their worshipers to bring upon enlightenment to the Egyptian lands. Egyptian’s beliefs in their gods reflected a true importance of spirituality and nature in each of their lives and everything they experienced. For Egyptians, putting their gods first was most important because that was their key to life because without gods Egyptians wouldn’t know what to do. They lived through what their gods felt what wads based them praying and bringing joyful will hoping for when the time comes they would be welcomed into what they considered the afterlife.

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In Mesopotamian life, Sumerians made the most of each opportunity they had while living. Many civilians lived in city-states being confined with each other while having many different sets of governments each ruled by a king which at times created a lot of friction among areas. Aside from their governments Sumerians were focused on a more modern day of life living through their traditions and customs that set them apart from other civilizations. Sumerians were very intelligent people and like Egyptians they created many essential elements that were important to survival. Through clay they developed cuneiform which allowed to inscribe letters and drawings in their written language. Also, created ways of life through community, language and religion. Which allowed many civilians to express themselves sharing with each other. However, even though they shared many common interests in culture, art and language with one another each city state was always at war with each other that started and ended many different kingdoms and dynasties. Compared to Egyptians, Sumerians didn’t worship their rulers as gods, but they feel that their kings were representatives of each of their gods. In which, they comprised themselves of what their gods felt what was best for them and believed once deceased would live on spiritually in their underworld.

Egyptians and Sumerians of the ancient world are in many ways both similar and different. Both civilizations lived through polytheism and structure that helped them thrive in their lands. In addition, in each civilization the human aspect of life was essential to their production as a society setting many ways that help build sets of languages and communications through their perceived art. For each civilization brought an importance of being one with their gods and making moment important. Life of these civilizations spoke and drew through many of their creations and architecture that allowed them to express their beliefs.  


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