Essays on Anne Bradstreet

Comparison Of Anne Bradstreet And Phillis Wheatley

There are some striking similitudes between the sorts of writing accomplished by Anne Bradstreet and Phillis Wheatley. Regardless of the two ladies originating from various social orders and foundation, they developed as two of the most persuasive ladies who had any kind of effect in the world and society (Levine 25). Such effects were accomplished...
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Anne Bradstreet: Female Poet In Puritan Society

Anne Dudley Bradstreet is regarded as one of the most influential poets to have ever lived. She is born in England and has a unique life compared to the other girls of her time. Specifically, she has the opportunity to receive private lessons from tutors, as well as other educational opportunities uncommon for girls during...
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Anne Bradstreet: Metaphors In The Author To Her Book

In the poem, The Author to Her Book, the author Anne Bradstreet used metaphors to compare her feelings about her poem to her real life. Throughout the poem she expressed her insecurities about her poem that had been let out without her knowledge. Reading the poem you can tell she was intelligent but not so...
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