Essays on Anne Frank

Anne Frank: The Destiny Of Otto Frank

Amongst the many characters in this book that stand up for something that they believe in, there is one character in particular that stood out to me. That character is Otto Frank [Anne’s father]. Without him, the world would never have known that there was an Anne Frank diary. The novel Anne Frank: The Diary...
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Anne Frank: Life In Hiding

Every child wants to be the one person who leaves a legacy or an impact on the world, and Annelies Marie Frank, Anne Frank, was one young woman who left on impact on the world for many. Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt am Main Germany...
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Anne Frank: Live During The Holocaust

Imagine this, the year is 1941, and you are a Jewish child living in Germany, outside the sun is shining and you think is going to be a great day. You decide to go socialize with your friends only to see them be taken away by police in dark uniforms. The situation is terrifying and...
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