Essays on Antibiotics

Antibiotics: Use And Impact

Antibiotics impart into anti(against) and biotics(life) are the chemical substances (drugs) created by the metabolic action of the bacterium and plant life which is capable of destroying or killing bacteria or capable of restricting(control) the enlargement of the different bacterium. The primary antibiotic was penicillin invented in 1928 by Fleming. This is extracted from Penicillium...
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Antibiotics: Reasons And Consequences Of Usage

Humans have suffered from numerous infectious diseases for many years before the invention of the antibiotic. An antibiotic is an antimicrobial chemical, which destroys or stops the bacterial growth. The first antibiotic was Penicillin, discovered by Sir Alexander Fleming in 1928. (Ngan, V & Writer. S, 2005). Since then, death toll caused by bacterial infection...
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An Antibiotic’s Effectiveness

An antibiotic’s effectiveness depends on certain factors such as an antibiotic’s spectrum of coverage, resistance patterns and structure of bacteria and lastly, disease processes that the antibiotic will be used on. This paper will focus on a hypothetically perfect antibiotic this author will create based on the various factors mentioned and three proposed hypotheses on...
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