Arguments Regarding 'No Homework Policy'

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No homework policy is about banning all the teachers to give homework or assignments. Different reactions and opinions, there are some agrees and disagrees. Is it right to approve this law? Or it will just cause disadvantages to students? Because having this law can give students more quality time to their family and friends and allow students to find time between their studies and social life.

As a working student, I am looking for the positive side of this implementation, because it’s beneficial knowing that it will lessen works for the teachers and students. No homework policy during the weekend it helps the mind of the student to refresh, enjoy, rest and do some of their responsibilities in home and work. Yes, homework is important because it allows me to practice the things I am learning at school and it make me responsible in some ways such as doing homework. But I do agree about ‘No Homework Policy’ because I can see that it can help the students just like us to be more active inside the school and us , as a student will be having more time about other priorities except studying. If this policy will be approved, soon the students can balance time between academics and social life.

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Homework have a negative impact on some students. Because we are tired from our school activities, then going home we need to finish our homework and at the same time, we’re working to provide our needs and to support our education. We stayed in school for about 5 days a week for learning and I think it’s already enough for our minds to work with. Time is a precious thing for us to spend it wisely with our love ones, doing such homework can lessen our quality time with our family and work. Especially when all of the subject teachers gave homework, it could be such a stressful thing in our part. We could have at least 5 to 6 hours of sleeping. In fact when during class discussions we can’t just focus in listening but our minds wanted to rest and fall asleep. Many homework could lead to sleeping problems, weight loss and generalized stress.

Also it could let the students have time mentally and physically rest from all the activities in school, home and work. Although some might say that the policy will only let the other students have more time on their social media and playing video games, for me it’s a matter on how he/she will make use of the time. It depends in you. But for us having hard times in our school, feeling tired all in all the activities we need time to rest and cool down from the stresses!

Our health is important to all of us, we are not that like a robot that doesn’t feel tired. So weekends our supposed to be free time to do what we want and need. Although there is no homework, students can still learn by providing activities within the classroom. We can do homework like research and thesis. The homework is not going to be eliminated, but limited.

Homework causes stress and tiredness in students and in parents. Homework is need of adjustments. Having many homework in the education system is not the solution. Teachers should understand that works for one classroom does not always work for another. The teacher decides the amount of homework to be given and should do so based on the classroom’s and school’s needs. All schools are different because no one school serves the same exact type of student. In any given class, a no homework policy may be adapted because it’s what the students need. Also the reason why I agree with this policy because all of us have many things or task to do not only in school, in our house and work but also we have religious duties to do because we have this thing called ‘tungkulin’ in our church. This policy helps lessen my task and things to think of.

In conclusion, I believe homework should be banned from school although it has a positive effects in our academic development but students deserve to have a quality leisure time and we have other responsibilities in our respective homes, duties and responsibilities at work. In addition to that as a human being we need to rest for ourselves and spend time to bond with our family members.


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