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Research, planning, and organizing information clearly are essential in creating a makeup manual for clients. To be a successful makeup artist, it is very important to be able to connect with your clients and develop trust. A person’s appearance is very impactful on their daily life and how they feel about themselves. In 2018, the U.S. was considered the most valuable beauty and personal care market in the world, generating approximately 89.5 billion U.S. dollars in revenue that year (Duncan). It is very imperative to analyzing the makeup manual audience prior to completion. 

This analyzation will solidify whether the approach and delivery of the information is best. There are several big questions that need to be considered to determine the best way to proceed in creating the makeup manual. Who are my key audience clients? What are their personal preferences? Which demographic characteristics are noteworthy? What are my readers’ attitudes? Once these are addressed, the manual can continue. Overview In creating the makeup manual, the first question that needs to be answered is who. Who is my key audience clients? 

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My key audience will be past clients that I have worked with in weddings, photo shoots and people referred to me by hair stylists. This audience key members will be women between the age of 25 to 70 years old. The beauty industry is known to be resistant to economic downturns – even faring well during the Great Recession of 2008. Though consumers tend to be more price conscious during those times, they do not stop spending. So in today’s environment of rising per capita incomes the beauty business is booming (Sena). The beauty industry is something people always justify spending their money on because it makes people feel better about themselves. Next, it is important to ask what are the audiences’ personal preferences? 82% of women now believe that social media drives these trends. It’s a constant flow of information and opinion from not just trendsetters or celebrities, but from friends and friends of friends and an entire universe of strangers (Sena). 

Instagram and Facebook has a huge impact on what they prefer in makeup looks and makeup products. This statistic shows the share of consumers in the United States who prefer to purchase natural or organic decorative cosmetics products as of May 2017. During the survey, 40 percent of responding U.S. consumers reported that they prefer to purchase makeup products that are natural or organic (Kunst). Our skin is our largest organ and people are choosing products that are better for us full spectrum. Additionally, it is crucial to understand which demographic characteristics are important. Gender is essential in because even though men spend money in the beauty industry, women still dominate the numbers. I feel that age is significant because the younger generation 24 and younger, rely greatly on social media and YouTube to learn about makeup and skincare. I feel like people older prefer the one on one interaction with someone and the attention from a makeup artist. 

Age is also a focus because people who have established their careers or retired have more disposable income as compared to high school and college students. Products and services focused on our aging population. Said plainly – we have a large retired/retiring population, and many of them have money to spend (Sena). My listener’s attitudes are the last area of the audience analysis to consider. There are two characteristics to be aware of here. The first attitude to consider is the audience’s attitude toward me as a makeup artist. Although, all of my jobs – the clients contact me so an negative attitude shouldn’t be an issue or they wouldn’t choose me to work with on makeup. The second attitude to consider which will influence my approach to the appointment with the client is the audience’s attitude toward the subject of makeup.


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