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I have always have a passion in performing drama since I was little. During my high school years, there was a drama week every year, everybody practices so hard for so long time in order to have the chance to perform on the stage during that ‘special week’ which would only takes place once every year. Not everyone will be granted for this precious opportunity, several tests and auditions need to be taken place in order to determine whether that person is qualified enough or not, which is tough for sure. Although I practiced so hard at that time, I was still terrified and thought that I would fail the auditions and gave it up. However, during the final year at high school, I was courageous enough to perform well in the auditions and finally I was in. At that time I told myself that it was the final year, if I give up I would regret for the rest of my life, and why not just try it?

Then, we started the rehearsals four months before the actual performance. My first role in an actual drama was Jessica, who is the daughter of the Jewess Shyla in The Merchant, The Moneylender and The Mistress. We performed the play in the school hall in 22 January 2019, which was the first attempt of mine in an actual play and written by Shakespeare. Shakespeare’s plays for me, they were always like the masterpiece created by god, with the beautiful language and use of words. Not until after this play did I start to put more attention in Shakespeare’s plays and became interested in them. I’m definitely sure, majority of people had the share of fun in this adaptation of Shakespeare. I did and it was one of a kind experience for me working with other actors and knowing your cue to come on stage, not to mention your character. Therefore, that slowly brought out more of my confidence. It’s like there were so many ways to express myself through drama, being someone else and bringing out the character in the way you feel best and comfortable. When I was performing on stage, I forgot who I really was in the real world, putting my whole self completely into the character, just like I was Jessica and Jessica was me in the actual world. Nobody can interrupt me, as if there was only me in the world, which feels great and intoxicated me. I have never had this feeling and experience before. It was the freedom that I have always wanted, which was unique for me definitely.

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Recently, I took part in the play Jane Eyre, in which I got the role of a male character, which is Edward Rochester. This was another special experience for me as it was the first time that I played the role of a man. The time when we had the first meeting last year, I was not convinced that I could bring out the character at all. I felt like I haven’t got the satisfaction of bringing the best out of any one character I have ever played, since I thought I was still new to performing and inexperienced to do so. Besides, the character that I was going to act is a male character, which made things far more difficult. Every time after the first meeting and before the first practice, I have to read through the materials, from pages to pages, lines to lines and words to words to assure that I will not miss any single details. Every single detail in the script is important. Moreover, I need to merge with the character, imagine that I was him and he was me. Since then, we had been practicing for three months before the stage performance, from Monday to Sunday. We practised so hard to make sure that the performance would run smoothly and could express this perfect piece of arts to our audience.

I felt a little bit nervous doing this piece because both of us had to hold the audience’s attention for the whole period of time which was difficult. Also, acting with Cecilia who was senior to me made things easier wherea it was like a senior and junior actor put on stage together. Due to the amount of stage exposure as an actor, I felt inexperienced to take on this role. Even on the day of the performance I did not think that I (as Edward, Jane’s employer and the master of Thornfield ) came through to the audience. We performed this piece twice. The first time I thought the audience was more receiving. Then the second time , despite the ‘advantages’ we had here this time ,it felt like we didn’t get through to the audience – in other words, it was just boring. All in all, my experience has showed me several aspects of drama which I would not have gone through if I hadn’t started drama in the first place. Neither would I have acquired a ‘Shakespearean taste’.

On the other hand, slowly I found it easier to memorize lines which I had otherwise thought was difficult. I hope in the future, I’ll have the chances to take on different characters and situations. Not only that, now, I actually like reading about Shakespeare’s life. I’ll never regret the day I joined.      


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