Essays on Battle of Thermopylae

Battle Of Thermopylae From Tyrtaeus Poems

The testimony of ancient sources demonstrate that Sparta was a military oriented society. The famed Spartan poet, Tyrtaeus, who composed his many of verses during the Second Messenian War, highlights the importance of Spartan military in comparison to other virtues, writing: “I would not rate a man worth mention or account for skill in running...
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The Battle Of Thermopylae: Brief Summary

The historical event I chose for my project is the last stand of the three hundred Spartans and eight hundred and fifty or so other Greek warriors at the Thermopylae pass during the Greece-Persian war or as it is better known as the Persian Wars. The Persian Wars were a military struggle between the City-States...
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The Battle Of Thermopylae: Representation In Cinema

The film plays an important role in retelling history. The film is perhaps more like these records of daily life than it is like the documents that record great events. Motion pictures provide an experience to feel first-hand what it is like to put yourself in the shoes of certain situations. The movie, 300, directed...
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