Behavioral Rules In Society

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Social norms are behavioral rules used to inform group members how to see a given situation, how to feel about it, and how to behave in it. They apply social influence on group members by prescribing which reactions are appropriate and which are not. It influences an individual’s cognition, feelings, and attitude. They also serve as evaluative standards, judged against which individuals’ reactions. Social norms are subject to a consensus within specific groups; eating with a fork is appropriate in some groups while eating with sticks is more appropriate in others. Social norms can, therefore, come into being both formally and informally. When constructing social norms formally, a group of individuals will specifically outline a set of behavioral expectations for that group, such as in the case of clubs or work expectations. Most social norms are created informally through repeated cautionary actions used to mitigate potential conflict.

A social norm is most effective in religious places, e.g., taking one’s shoes off when entering a Hindi temple as a Christian tourist Because adhering to an ingroup’s social norms is a significant component of what it means to be a member of that social group. Among student in college, most college student wants to act like their peers and do what people in their age group do just for the social norm. A project on students taking permission from their teacher to use the restroom during class, and never get up and leave. Different schools have their own rules and regulations towards different attitudes, and getting permission before stepping out of class counts as a social norm in the school environment. Some students engaged in that behavior due to misperception may be due to the way they acted in other schools, but once corrected the behavior decrease. Our perceptions of our peers’ attitudes and behaviors have a significant influence on our attitudes and behaviors. Unfortunately, our perceptions are often inaccurate, and We tend to over-estimate the number of our peers who value and make unhealthy choices and under-estimate the number who values and make healthy choices.

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Yes, the entertainment industry is a form of social norm. The entertainment industry defines social norms, and it is a form of social norm, the entertainment industry is a collective representation of a group that promotes culture and can as well be regarded as a social norm. The entertainment industry can influence belief and norms, like the way the entertainment industry influence different people opinion on things like smoking of marijuana, drinking, cocaine use, as well as other positive behaviors. This culture among entertainers can give people ideas that doing such behavior is normal and socially acceptable even though some of these behaviors can have negative consequences, just like how drinking too much can cause liver cirrhosis. However, because the entertainment industry portrays it as something healthy socially, that leads many people to participate in that particular behavior and risking it all for social norms.


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