Benefits Of Pro-Choice Abortion Position

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Abortion was one of the greatest scandals ever. Most people think it’s immoral and even believe it’s murder. The concept of abortion is ‘ Abortion is defined as the termination of pregnancy by various methods, including medical surgery, before the fetus is able to sustain independent life.’ Many pro-life advocates don’t encourage the idea of encouraging abortions and deem it to be illegal. Many advocates dont know how, sadly, an uneducated workforce would still conduct them if abortion were illegal. Every year there are more than 70 thousand maternal deaths due to unsafe abortions. These women die, so it’s hypocritical to advocate pro-life, that’s why the country should be pro-choice.

Pro-choice activists advocate the right to privacy and women must have the choice to her own body. For example, a woman is raped and becomes pregnant with the offender’s child. She determines that she does not want to keep the baby, she has an abortion because it is too difficult for her to deal with the idea of raising a child from her father. Pro-choice supporters sympathise with this woman as she is then named by pro-life supporters as a killer. Abortions often contribute to the abuse of the woman because of her decision about her own body. This is what assists pro-life. Time incidents such as this sometimes turn into bullying that can be seen as part of anti-abortion abuse. These pro-life followers stalk, threaten, and occasionally even kill women who have selected an abortion and even the doctors who deliver the procedures. Pro-life also advocates the idea that all children have the right to live, even if the parent is unable to support the child financially. The child struggles with her mother on a day-to-day basis. Such children would be underprivileged and the conditions in which they were forced to live could eventually lead to death. This is again what is defended by people who are for ‘pro-life.’

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Pro-choice encourages and helps the 15-year-old girl who loses her virginity and gets pregnant as she was not fully aware of the consequences of her actions. Choosing her to keep the child will result in her being thrown out of her house, eventually being unable to support the infant, and losing her education. She wouldn’t have to deal with these issues with abortion, although she would have to deal with the emotional aspect of choosing to end the foetus. Pro-choice supports the idea that she would learn from her mistake and that it was actually her choice to do with her body what she chose. The outcomes of this girl’s experience would be individual maturity and growth.

Although many people practise pro-life since their religion supports it, it may be shocking to discover that Catholic women are 29% more likely than Protestant women to partake in an abortion, although they stand as likely as all women to do so. So sometimes even these pro-life supporters find the circumstances where abortion is needed. An example of a situation where you can see this is in a situation where the foetus would kill the mum because of well-being problems or problems of the womb to give birth to a child. The risks of death associated with childbirth are said to be 10 times higher than those associated with abortion. Around 14,000 women are aborted by incest or rape, and it is estimated that 43 percent of women around the world will have an abortion by the time they are 45 years of age. There are also an estimated 43 million abortions per year. Visualise that these abortions did not occur alongside the world’s existing population problem, there are more than 7 billion people on the planet, and we have limited resources that are quickly depleting.

Therefore, abortion is advantageous to the world in a strange way. Supporters of pro-life do not see the abortion conditions, causes, or benefits. Supporters of pro-life do not see the abortion conditions, causes, or benefits. For the purpose that many people choose to make the decision they do, they are senseless. It is important that abortion must remain legal, though it seems immoral, it can often be the best situation for individuals to make that harsh choice. Pro-choice guards and shields the people, it is ultimately the life of the woman that would be pretentious and that of not one person other, who can the government be to take that choice away from them? We exist in a nation founded on rights, and it’s important to have an open mindset when looking at issues like these, you don’t know the circumstances of the families. Therefore women must have the freedom to make the option and should continue to have it without the backlash from pro-life advocates. 


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