Benefits Of Using Instagram In Your Marketing Strategy

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In just three years, the Instagram social network has grown by 150 million users, so it is a faster growth trajectory than Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. And with 60 percent of users outside the United States, according to Maximize Social Business.

Beyond the popularity as well as the rapid expansion of Instagram, there are multiple reasons why it is beneficial to use this platform as part of your social media strategy.

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Visual Marketing

Instagram and other visual content sites are gaining popularity for a reason, according to the popular phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ as marketers and content creators, why not take advantage of images as part of your strategy content marketing ?.

Visual marketing is one of the latest buzzwords, and for good reasons. Consumers want images and content that marketers need to provide.

Think about your Facebook feed, you don’t read all the posts, however, you are more likely to stop to observe a photograph; meanwhile, more content is consumed on Pinterest when each post is a well crafted image.

Instagram is similar, it is a complete source of visual stimulation that encourages interaction at its highest levels. If you see any success with visual marketing on the other platforms you use, imagine the capabilities of a site dedicated exclusively to digital marketing.

High levels of commitment

According to Maximize Social Business, the commitment to Instagram is generally higher than anywhere else. The proportion as well as the number of likes and comments on this social network significantly exceeds the proportion of reactions to any other social networking site.

High visibility of messages

One of the reasons why Instagram posts receive such high levels of participation is that the posts are very visible. There is no algorithm that selectively shows your posts, so each of the images you hang on the platform will appear in the feeds of each of your followers.

The strategic use of hashtags can also significantly increase the exposure of your posts to new users who will like and comment on your posts and who can follow you as a result of the above.

Your posts also live forever, they do not disappear or are archived as old tweets, besides they are not buried as far away in your broadcast as Facebook, that they are lost. A quick scroll through your profile shows each post you have shared, which is an excellent way for new followers to connect with your brand.

Connect with a target audience

With 150 million users and growing, your customers are there; there may be a smaller number of your clients and it may take time to grow your community to significant levels. But take advantage of the smaller community now to cultivate real brand advocates as well as loyal customers. Instagram users are passionate and active; They want to interact with you and get to know you.


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