Essays on Bleak House

Bleak House: Language Technique To Create A Character Individuality

As a writer, Dickens was a master of the use of language and vocalised dialect resulting in the creation of characters that evoke speech that is instantly recognisable but ultimately unique. He was known to walk the streets of London, alone and at night while listening to the hectic life that surrounded him during his...
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Bleak House: Urban Poverty Of Dickens

Dickens supplies a realistic depiction of poverty in the Victorian era in his novel Bleak House. This essay will argue that Dickens critiques society’s neglect of the urban poverty of mid-Victorian Britain through social inequality in Bleak House. This novel is therefore a social critique by emphasising how the English legal system is failing in...
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A Deeper Insight On Jo’s Character In Charles Dickens’ Bleak House

Although it might appear that Jo is characterized as an ignorant, illiterate person with a poor upbringing who does not know anything like he claims, upon closer inspection, we realize that innocent Jo is actually very observant and thoughtful. This realization is important because Dickens goes as far as to switch from third person omniscient...
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