Book Report: The Fault In Our Stars By John Green

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The book I read was The Fault In Our Stars.

The author of the book is John Green.

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This is a novel and the genre is young adult fiction.

This book is about the love story between two cancer patients that met in a support group for cancer. Hazel has stage IV thyroid cancer and Augustus is a recovering amputee of osteosarcoma cancer. Over the next few months together, Hazel and Augustus experience many things together. Everything seems to be going right in both of their lives for once until a secret of Augustus’ is revealed. Together with the go through the ups and downs of love and life along with their family and friends.

The book has chapter numbers, page numbers, diagrams and in the middle of the book there are pictures of the characters.

I’d say that this book is meant for young adults, teenagers or anyone that’s looking for a good romance book.

I chose this book because a few people have recommended it to me since 8th grade but I never got around to reading it until now. They told me what it was about and it sounded really interesting and I knew it’d be a real tear jerker since I knew it was a love story between two cancer fighters.

I know that John Green has a few New York Times bestselling books and that The Fault In Our Stars is among one of those. He’s also written the book Paper Towns which is also kind of a romantic drama genre. I also know that he has an educational YouTube channel called Crash Course.

No, I have not read anything else by this author, but I intend to soon.

After reading the Author’s Acknowledgements and doing the tiniest bit of research, I realized this book is an allegory of how John felt after losing his friend Esther Earl to thyroid cancer. This book is him explaining and expressing his emotions to us after the loss of his friend.

The Fault In Our Stars was written in 2012.

I haven’t read anything that has contributed to my understanding of the book, but I have experienced something. I’ve had a few members in my family pass away from cancer prior to reading this book. From these experiences I can understand the emotions everyone in this book is feeling. I can also relate to some of the emotions Hazel and Augustus’ parents experience.

This book will never be outdated because it’s not written in a distant time frame in the past or future, but instead a more present day, real time story and the present tense narrative in the book really contributes to it never going outdated.

I’d say anyone unfamiliar with the concept of love wouldn’t understand this book. If you cannot understand the concept of love I feel that you won’t be able to appreciate this book for what it is. Hazel and Augustus go to far lengths to make each other feel happy and okay in their relationship not only between themselves but also their cancer. And it’s not because they have to or need to, but it’s because they want to, simply out of the love they have for each other.

One claim/assertion that is being made throughout the book is that love is not an easy thing. It takes patience and understanding and even if you have these things it’s a hard thing to maintain. Another assertion that’s made by Hazel towards the beginning of the book is that someday it will all end in oblivion and it’s inevitable, so we shouldn’t worry about it because,”’ God knows that’s what everyone else does”(Green 13).

I can infer that John Green has a soft spot for love stories.

John Green has married himself therefore I believe that he is qualified to speak with authority on the topic of love.

Yes and no.

Yes this piece affects me emotionally

Yes, I believe that Green is trying to manipulate readers’ emotions toward the middle and ending of the book. All through the ending, John really builds up the plot twist we found out about Augustus in the middle.

John Green uses irony and a lot of humor throughout the book. These elements affect my acceptance of his ideas in a positive way. In most relationships, there’s usually a back-and-forth humor between the two people. For my friends and family and I, humor is our way of showing each other that we love each other.   


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