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In 1965, Khalid Hosseini born in Kabul the city of Afghanistan. He is the Afghan-American novelist. He also worked as a doctor in California. The Kite Runner was his first novel. Later on he published number of fictions. He moved to US in 1980. He also worked as a physician in United States. His first novel, The kite runner, became very famous because it contains a very emotional story of two friends Amir and Hassan.

The story revolves around the phases of life of Amir. In childhood he lived with his father and two of the servants Ali and Hassan which were from hazara tribe. One day in the tournament, Amir became winner. For Amir, Hassan ran to catch the kite. He was rapped by some of rascals. Amir saw the whole scene but did not help him. Later, he felt guilt and decided whether he or Hassan must leave. Entire of his life he felt sorry and at the end Amir saved the life of Sohrab who is the son of Hassan. In this way, He atoned his guilt.

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Loyalty of Hassan in the novel is really inspiring. He was so loyal and had very great personality. Even the baba of Amir also liked him so much because of his intellectual power and many of qualities which Amir had lacked. Amir also felt jealousy sometimes of Hassan. He felt that his baba gave lot of affection to the Hassan. Later in the novel, it revealed that Hassan was the brother of Amir. This novel also told us that the true love is always selfless. The selfish person will never ever feels such a great feeling. This novel also provide us the lesson that whatever was done by Amir he learned the atonement to be a good person at last. We should learn from our mistakes. Sins and mistakes can become beneficial for us if we learn how to improve our attitude, our personalities. Human spirit is always present in the soul of the persons. Amir committed many sins and mistakes in order to get his father attention and affection and also after the incident happened to the Hassan but there is always an inner strength within him which at the end forced him to rescue the Sohrab from the talibans and free him from the tortures of the rascals. Moreover, the novel also briefly discussed the term change in the life. Amir which was the pashtun of the Kabul also faced the migration due to the attack of Russian army and they left their city and home. Life is full of changes so we should never deem others because any single second can change our life thoroughly. The novel also tries to convey us the message that not to discriminate between the people. No one is superior. The thing which makes better our others is yours behaviour, yours loyalty, yours truth, yours sincerity with others. Hassan proved very good friend and also a good son because of his kind behaviour. When Amir told his father that Hassan stole his watch. Hassan agreed that he stole his watch although it was totally wrong but Hassan never wanted that Amir proved wrong in front of jis father and lost his trust. This qualities made Hassan much better than Amir. The behaviour of Russian army and the oppression faced by the citizens of Afghanistan was also discussed in the novel which clearly shown that how people left their homes and cities. This will also convey us message that peace is always best and everyone of us will try to bring peace not war as many of the people was deprived from their belongings due to the uncertain conditions created by war.

In the novel, there is vast discussion of homosexuality which impacts wrong image on the minds of the young minds especially for the students. Much discussion of rapping must be avoided. Also, this novel also somehow shows the discrimination among the Muslims as Hassan and Ali were Shia and Amir and his father were Sunni. When Hassan and Amir were first trapped by Assef and his friends. Assef words clearly shown that Afghanistan is the land of real pashtuns not for the people of flat nose. Although, Baba of Amir was not following this concept he had good thoughts so that is why he were keeping Ali and Hassan in his home. Wherever other people of Kabul was totally different regarding to Shia community. The face of Talibans representing Islam was also not good. Islam teaches us to bring peace happiness not brutality and pain. The representative of Islam can never be a harmful person. He is always forgiving person and kind to children but in novel the harassment of the children in the reign of Talibans was very disappointing as this is not our religion. Islam is the only religion which teaches to save others life, property, belongings and not to harm anyone.

To conclude, Amir committed a lot of mistakes and sins but at the end he saved the life of Sohrab and taught him to fly a kite. Sohrab finally talked to Amir. Amir chassed the kite for him and Sohrab finally became happy. Return of the happiness in the life of Sohrab was the complete atonement of the guilt of Amir. He finally realized that he was wrong many times and Hassan, his brother, was really best person which he had never realized completely in his childhood and lost him.


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