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Assess Liabilities: Trademark

Research Paper Outline The entertainment industry is a group of sub-industries that strives to ‘entertain’ the consumers, which includes the fields of film, theater, dance, opera, music, television, radio, publishing, and fine arts. Therefore, because this industry embodies both business and economical scrutiny, it is apparent that all areas of law is involved including: trade...
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The Doctrine Of Exhaustion Of Trade Marks In Cambodia

The exhaustion of trademark means that the trademark owner’s intellectual property rights can’t control the distribution or resale of goods (WebFinance Inc, 2018). Cambodia is also a country which export and import many categories of products. The product that we have export are such as rice, beans, corns, clothes, and shoes. The product that we...
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Assignment Of Legal Aspects Of Business On Intellectual Property Rights

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Amity University; this report would not have been accomplished without their guidance. My sincerest gratitude goes to Ms. Jyoti Bharat Rangari, and who guided me with their dedicated attention, expertise and knowledge throughout the process of this report. I thank her for valuable guidance, her commitment,...
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The Importance Of Branding And Rebranding For Strategic Marketing

An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets (Kotler & Armstrong, 2019). In the article “The Importance of Branding and Rebranding for Strategic Marketing”, author Raluca-Dania Todor (2014) claims that in the technological era quality of the product is not the only factor for success. She highlights the importance of...
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Branding: Analysis Of “The Importance Of Branding And Rebranding For Strategic Marketing”, Author Raluca-Dania Todor

Does the high quality of a product guarantee success to the company? If yes, why some firms that produce high-quality products or services fail? In the article “The Importance of Branding and Rebranding for Strategic Marketing”, author Raluca-Dania Todor (2014) claims that in the technological era quality of the product is not the only factor...

Creation Of Brand Image

Companies should go through different steps in order to establish strong brand image. These steps will be as follow. Identify the key audience companies should identify their key audience whether they are internal (industry analyst and workers) or external (customers and partners) companies need to be very specific about audience they are targeting in order...
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Brand Analysis Of Raymond

This is a critical review of Raymond, which requires a change in regards to the current marketing condition. I will propose the brand equity strategies needed to implement such changes. I will also discuss the correlation between brand equity strategy and increasing brand knowledge or resonance and provide suggestions on how brand strategy enhances their...
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Employer Branding In Recruitment

The Basics of Employer Branding in Recruitment Employer branding through inbound recruiting is among the latest HR strategies used to entice talented individuals. Not all recruitment businesses operate in precisely the same way, but whatever their modus operandi a very good recruitment firm will decrease the time necessary to finish the job, therefore reducing the...
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Self-branding And the Creative Workforce

Self-branding is a robust identity supported a transparent perception regarding what the designer or boss stands for, what sets the designer and the boss and the additional value the designer or the boss brings to employment or state of affairs. Creative workforce represents the power of creative workers, who are called inspiration experts and can...
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The Role Of Graphic Design For Branding

This essay will be discussing the different roles in branding that graphic designers use. I will be mainly focusing on how graphic designers use these to help all the different companies/businesses to evolve and expand to succeed. Firstly, we need to know what is the definition of Branding? Branding is simply enough how people view...
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