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As a publisher, it is necessary to understand how a potential customer will determine if your book is worth buying or not. Customers are hoping to find a book that they believe will help them solve a problem, learn something new, and is worth their time and money. Buying a book is not usually a complicated decision-making process. But some of the steps to making the decision to buy a particular self –help book will be more important to certain buyers. As a publisher it is necessary to understand what our reader’s decision-making process is going through.

Consumers can go through 5 stages in taking the decision to purchase a self-help book are: 

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  1. Problem Recognition: – At this stage, the consumer recognizes a need or problem. The buyer feels a difference between his or her actual state and some desired state. If consumer realizes that he feels demotivated and requires a product which can solve his problem and boost up his motivation and increase his morale.
  2. Information Search: – After the recognition of needs, the consumers try to find books for satisfying such needs. They search for information about what they want .Consumers can get information about goods from different sources like Personal, Commercial, Public and Experimental sources.
  3. Evaluation of Alternatives: – Various points of information collected from different sources are used in evaluating different alternatives and their attractiveness. the consumers evaluate the alternatives on the basis of attributes of the book, the degree of importance, belief in the author, satisfaction level of previous readers, etc. to choose correctly.
  4. Trial: – After the alternatives have been evaluated, consumers take the decision to purchase the trial version on a small scale to improve his or her estimate of its value. In our case customer can ask for a sample of this self-help book to estimate its worth for him or herself.
  5. Adoption: – In this stage, the consumer determines if they are satisfied or dissatisfied with the purchasing outcome of trial version or the sample of book will suffice its initial purpose or not, accordingly consumer decides to purchase the full version of this self-help book.

With the help of this buyer decision making process as a author it is easy to understand the requirement of a consumer and what is require from our end to make this book relevant for the pointed audience or the individual who requires it the most. 


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