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Future planning is a constant and a dynamic process. It is mainly focused on viewing the future optimistically and improvise based upon past and present follies. Future planning helps us to be more productive, resilient and confident. Here it is attempted to discuss a portion of these opportunities in detail. While determining a career, a graduate should endeavor to match their aspiration, basic nature as well as individual temperament, which a specific profession may demand e.g., a student planning to select a career in research must have temperament of curiosity skill. The profession choice determines a huge part of the rest of the life. Moreover, self-employment is the requirement of the hour that is why professional programs are in demand. This paper gives a detailed but brief look on the various career options available after BUMS.

1. Introduction

Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (BUMS) students soon after finishing their formal education are quite anxious regarding their career options. Previously, there was a lone choice available for raw BUMS pass outs which was to begin general practice (GP). However, at present there are many good opportunities on hand for graduates. The vast choices in the medical field compel them to plan and research on their interested field. The country encloses a positive environment for Unani and the time to study BUMS never been better. Unani has bridged the gap between modern and traditional medicine outlining the former’s health hazards and the latter’s gradual but effective. To increase the life expectancy and follow a natural way of living, Unani is in dire need of propagation so that each and every individual can benefit from it and remain healthy. In the following lines i have listed a plethora of career options post BUMS so that one can choose his /her interested field and put Unani in the driver’s seat.

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2. Field and Scope

The fields which are possible for a BUMS pass out to make a career successfully can be broadly classified into the following sections:

1.1 General practice:

An undergraduate entering in general practice should be well aware of allopathic medicine and knowledge of modern diagnostic tests. Down to earth encounter, good listening and communication skills for dealing with patients are required for turning into an effective practitioner. Practical experience is equally important for becoming a successful practitioner. It is beneficial for student to assist senior practitioners for no less than 1 year before setting up his or her own setup. Working as resident medical officer in private hospitals is very much useful in same locality where one is opting for practice.

2. Unani consultation:

There is an upsurge in idiopathic, non communicable and life style diseases in India.(  Consulting as a Unani physician is the most suitable option due to increasing trend of resistance from many antibiotics, little availability of safe and side effect free medicines in conventional modern chemical world. Unani has very effective and time tested remedies for skin diseases, ano-rectal diseases, sexual diseases, gastro intestinal disorders, gynecological disorders etc. In Unani system of medicine, Ilaj bit tadbeer (regimental therapy) is one of the important parts of treatment. Students can learn such conventional therapies and follow them in their practice. These regimens can be practiced alone or with pharmacotherapy as synergistic. About sixty regimes are described in Unani literature, some of them are for general use and others are organ or disease specific. Well known and familiar regimens are venesection, cupping, leeching, massage, exercise, turkish bath, sweating, fomentation, irrigation, inhalation, sitz bath etc. Research work on efficiency of these regimens is being conducted at several centers in India. The main attractions of these regimens are NIUM, Bangalore, Karol Bagh, Delhi and Bhopal in curing some diseases. Tremendous efficacy has been observed, especially in pain management and rehabilitation.

3. Diploma, Masters and PhD:

Unani as a field of study deals with the application of traditional and ancient medicinal knowledge for curative, preventive and rehabilitative purpose. The main aim of BUMS studies is to revive the medicinal and pharmaceutical knowledge in regards to natural medicine so, as to provide a right care to the suffering humanities. In India, at present there is specialization in 11 branches leading to the award of MD Unani or MS Unani Degree of 3 years duration after graduation. Institutions like NIUM (Bangalore), AKTC (AMU, Aligarh), Government Nizamia Tibbi College (Hyderabad), Ayurvedic and Unani Tibbia College, karol bagh, New Delhi, CCRUM (Hyderabad and Kashmir), Z.V.M. Unani Medical College (Pune), Jamia Tibbia (Deoband), Luqman Unani Medical College & Hospital (Bejapur) have post graduation facility in Unani medicine. The student has to crack an entrance exam (All India AYUSH PG Entrance) for securing admission for MD/MS. More information about these institutions is available at the website of AIAPGET. After doing MD/MS in any of the subject post graduate will have teaching opportunities and will definitely gain confidence over Unani system which he/she haven’t gained in BUMS. Furthermore, some of the above institutions viz. NIUM (Bangalore) and CCRUM (Delhi) have facilities for PhD in Unani subjects i.e. Moalajat and Ilmul Advia. Unani students can even do PhD in non-Unani subjects like analytical chemistry, biochemistry, etc.

Masters programs are also available in various science branches like medicinal subjects; Anatomy/Physiology/Microbiology, Management; Biostatistics and Data Management; Clinical Research; Health economics, Health Policy and Financing, Epidemiology, Health Promotion-Tobacco Control, Public Health Nutrition, Public Health Research Methodology, Medical Sociology, Public Health in Social Work, Maternal, Reproductive and Child Health, Clinical Research, Occupational Health, Health Policy, Economics and Financing, Epidemiology and Biostatistics for BUMS students. Presently a total of 23 institutions offer Masters in public health(MPH) programs in India with annual intake capacity of 573 candidates (Kavya Sharma, Sanjay Zodpey- Public Health Education in India: Need and Demand Paradox. Indian Journal of Community Medicine, 2011, Volume-36, Issue-3, Pages-178:18.Shrikant I Bangdiwala, Joseph D Tucker, Sanjay Zodpey, Sian M Griffiths, Li- Ming Li, K. Srinath Reddy, Myron S Cohen, Miriam Gross, Kavya Sharma, Jin-Ling Tang-Public Health Education in India and China: History, Opportunities and Challenges. Public Health Reviews, Vol-33, No-1, 204-224.).

Provision for the Postgraduate Diploma courses of 2years duration in the specialties like Ilmul Saidla has been made from year 2018 in AKT College, AMU, Aligarh. A postgraduate diploma in Emergency Medicine, which is a short term course of 6 months conducted in Modern Tertiary Healthcare Hospitals (e.g., Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai or Ruby Clinic in Pune).

4. Academics:

When an undergraduate thinks to pursue a career in academics, it is necessary to do post graduation. After post graduation, students can work in government or private colleges as demonstrators or lecturers. Today in India there are47 Unani Colleges. Some are fully government like NIUM (Bangalore), AKTC (AMU, Aligarh) etc. some are semi government like Dr. MIJT Unani college (Mumbai), Z.V.M.Unani Medical College (Pune) and others are private like Iqra Unani medical college (Jalgaon), Fazlani Unani medical college (Kunj kheda) and many more private Unani colleges not only in different state of India but in different places of one state. Hence, there is a large scope in private sector for the teaching profession. Coaching classes for entrance exams, conducting workshops to train skills like Hijama (cupping), Irsalealaq (leech therapy), fasd (venesection) etc., are also a good option.

5. Research:

Evidence based research in AYUSH field particularly in Unanipathy is the need of the time. India is progressively being more recognized as a center for global clinical trials because of large and diverse patients’ pool for conducting clinical trial; availability of medical (including AYUSH) pharmacy and science graduates; excellent infrastructure facilities; comparative cost advantage and change in patent law. (Janmejaya S. Clinical research related career choices for ayush graduates in india.Global J Res. Med. Plants & Indigen. Med. | Volume 2, Issue 8 | August 2013 | 599–604). Apart from MD and PhD courses, there are other good coursesuseful for a career in research such as MSc, PG Diploma, PhD in Clinical Research. These courses are available at various institutions and universities throughout the country. The duration of such studies varies from 6 months to 2 years (short term/full term). The course modules are extensive and include various aspects of clinical research with more focus on data analysis and management. Students after obtaining formal education in clinical research can work as Clinical Research Associate, Clinical Research Advisor, Project Manager, Group Project Manager, and Operation Director depending upon experience in research unit of pharmaceutical companies (Institute of Clinical Research, India, (Accessed on 28/05/2013)].In the research field, a student can join as Jr. Research Fellow on research projects which are conducted by various institutions/colleges/university departments which are financially supported by ICMR, CSIR, CCRAS, DST, etc. On getting experience, they can get Sr. Research Fellowship and this work can lead to a PhD. (Career options after Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. Pitkar UA.Int J Ayurveda Res. 2010 Jul-Sep; 1(3): 192–194)

6. Management:

For the students who do not want to enter in clinical practice but want to have a career related to the medical field, there are sufficient choices. Peter Lees, medical director of the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management, stated that doctors at any stage of their careers “should not have an issue” with taking on management roles. ( Branches like MPH (Masters in Public Health), MHA (Masters in Health Administration) and MBA (Hospital and Healthcare management) have great scopes. Apart from this, courses like Sports Medicine, Disaster Management, Industrial Management, Preventive and promotive healthcare, Masters in Personnel Management are also good options.

7. Public services:

Indian civil services examinations and state level administration examinations are conducted every year. BUMS students are eligible to appear for these examinations and enter in the government services as administrator. The Civil Services examination is one of the most prestigious examinations in India. It is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). More details can be obtained from UPSC website. (

8. Drug manufacturing:

In the manufacturing sector, production of Unani medicines is a booming business. Pharmacies are coming up and there is a rise in trend for herbal products universally. It is the need of time that many Unani graduates should come in this field and use their knowledge and skill. There is a scarcity of qualified and competent persons in this field both in Public and Private sectors. Hence a need was felt to expand a work force focused in Unani Manufacturing and /dispensing. Apart from actual manufacturing, other allied aspects such as cultivation of medicinal plants, trading raw materials in the form of powder, extracts, oils, etc. are also in great demand. Though accurate and updated data on the requirement of total quantity and quality of crude drug is not available, conservative estimates put the economic value of medicinal plant related trade in India to the order of Rs.1000 crore/year3 and the world trade over U.S. $ 60 billion4. More details can be obtained from Not only medicines, but also Unani cosmetics and food products have equally big market. Following are some of the educational institutions and courses available in India for AYUSH graduate in pharmaceutical and clinical research area. Courses such as MSc (Pharmaceutical Medicine), MBA (Medicinal Marketing) (MUHS, Nasik), Diploma in Herbal Medicinal Manufacturing (Pune University and IPER Pune), Msc Clinical Research- Institute of Clinical Research India; SRM School of public health; Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Mesra; Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik (MSc Pharmaceutical Medicine); Padmashree Institute of Clinical Research (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences), Sikkim Manipal University-Distance Education ( Distance learning) etc.PG Diploma- Institute Clinical Research India; Indian Institute of Public Health-Delhi etc. Pharmaceutical Management- Indian Institute of Health Management Research- Jaipur. Biostatistics and Data management- Indian Institute of Public Health, Hyderabad; SRM School of Public Health; International Institute of Population Sciences, Mumbai; Christian Medical College, Vellor etc. Diploma in Pharmacy (AMU, Aligarh) can help give value addition to the clinical practice of a BUMS student.

9. Cultivation of medicinal plants

The popularity and use of medicinal plants is on high trend. National medicinal plant board has given priority to 32 medicinal plants in view of worldwide demand. Most of the popular and effective herbs are enlisted under endangered species therefore there is an urgent need to cultivate those plants which are in more demand and need in classical formulations. The cultivation and supply of medicinal plants can be a good carrier opportunity. A number of sources available for cultivation of medicinal plants such as certificate course, diploma, post graduate diploma etc. in Maharashtra university, Chattisgarh university and in Sharmila Institute, Tamil Nadu, respectively.

10. Miscellaneous:

There is great potential in manufacturing of equipments required for Unani treatments like hijama, fasd (venesection), dalak (massage). Medical tourism, medical transcription, medical event management, medical journalism, medical photography and documentation are also fields with a bright future. BUMS graduates can do LLB and become legal medical advisor also.


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