Essays on Carol Ann Duffy

An Exploration Of Illusion And Reality In Carol Ann Duffy's Poetry

Carol Ann Duffy is one of the most significant names in the world of contemporary British poetry, her work is viewed as “accessible” regularly featuring within many secondary schools and universities across Britain. Her writing can be described as conversational, using very simple language which can make her poems seem exceedingly straightforward at first glance,...
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Carol Ann Duffy: Language In Poems To Express Feeling

Love is a universal experience that many artists grapple with in their work. Carol Ann Duffy is one of these artists who explores the vehement emotions that arise from the experience of falling in love in her poem titled “You.” Duffy challenges the idealised representation of love by exploring the conflicting emotions of sexulaised lust...
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Carol Ann Duffy Examines Western Consumerism And Its Consequences

Throughout the ‘Feminine Gospels’, Duffy forces her female readership to view how they are portrayed in society, and to actively address the misogynistic and baseless assumptions created around them. In ‘The Women Who Shopped’, the persona’s identity is carved through the materialistic goods that she endlessly purchases. There is no doubt that her tale is...
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