Essays on Character

Sammy’s Character Change In “A & P”

​At the beginning of “A & P,” Sammy is portrayed as an immature young man. To start with, he makes it clear that he places a lot of significance on the physical attributes of individuals. This can be fetched from his descriptions of the three girls who come into the store. He describes them according...
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Gradual Deterioration Through Character In 'Macbeth'

Macbeth should be called a Shakespearean tragedy, since William Shakespeare’s play follows some of the most important conditions for such a tragedy. The plot goes from good to evil, when the tragic hero, Macbeth, displays weak points or moral flaws that contribute to his own demise in major ways. Various situations in the play demonstrate...
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Elements Of Effective Character Design

Abstract The purpose of this dissertation is to explore what elements make up an effective character design. I have looked and various ideas including: shape and silhouette and how to subvert these ideas. I have looked at Kentaro Miura’s “Berserk” as the main inspiration for my first question. I have also set 2 other questions...
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