Charity Organisations That Helps HIV Patients

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“Waverley Care is a charity who offers support worker who is based in Aberdeen to provide dedicated support services to people who lives with HIV. All of their services are available on self-referral. Their services are flexible to people’s needs and they offer to meet-ups in a place where a person feels more comfortable. They offer a safe, welcoming environment where people can talk openly without judgment or stigma. One-to-one support services where they help to cope with new diagnoses, help to improve mental health and wellbeing, etc. Supporting for disclosure, giving advice, help with testing, training and awareness sessions, peer support. “ (Waverley Care, Sexual Health, HIV and Hepatitis C Services in Aberdeen, 2020)

“Terrence Higgins Trust is a UK-wide charity that helps to fight against HIV and improving the nation’s sexual health. They are the largest voluntary sector provider of HIV and sexual health services in the UK. Their mission is to help end transmission of HIV in the UK and to empower and support people living with HIV to lead healthier and happier life. To help people with HIV to be heard across public and political arenas to eradicate stigma and discrimination. Their vision is to help people to live their lives free from prejudice. Their core values as an organization is to be ambitious, honest, different, and independent.” (About our charity | Terrence Higgins Trust, 2020)

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Not very long-ago HIV and quality of was not imaginable in one sentence. In this day and time living with HIV doesn’t just mean staying alive, but also finding ways to enhance the quality of life on day to day basis. When people feel that they are in control of this disease their quality of life improves. It means controlling the impact of the disease on the psychological, social, and physical aspects of their daily lives. There are many tips to enhance the quality of life for anyone living with HIV, it doesn’t matter if you have been diagnosed just recently or have been battling with the condition for some time. NEVER STOP TAKING YOUR MEDICATIONS sometimes it is tempting to skip your dose only because you are feeling good, but you would put your health at risk. You can get HIV levels down to undetectable levels only if you stay on your medication as prescribed. REACH OUT TO LOVED ONES because the stigma that surrounds HIV causes some people to hide their disease from their families. Opening up to family and friends is always better than hiding because it will help you to cope better with the diagnosis. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF GROUP AND INDIVIDUAL THERAPY it can help you to understand the stigma that surrounds having HIV and would assure you that everything will be fine. Group supports or individual therapy can help you lower anxiety and help people feel more accepted by others. PRACTICE HEALTHY LIFESTYLE HABITS means getting enough sleep, eat healthy food, exercise and learn how to reduce stress will improve life quality. People who live with HIV deserve these qualities just like any other person. If people will take steps to better themselves today it will help to improve their quality of life in the long run.

It can be very isolating when caring for someone with HIV as you may be the only person who knows about that person’s disease, that’s why there is help and support for carers who need a break. “Carer breaks are short-term breaks to people who need to simply recharge their batteries or simply need to get away from the day-to-day caring responsibilities for a weekend or week.” Emotional support is available for carers because sometimes you can feel stressed, overwhelmed, or drained. Sometimes you can feel angry or guilty because of the changes to your life as a result of caring, It is important that you acknowledge these feelings and looks for ways to help yourself and find support from outside. Help such as support groups, online forums, professional help, or just talking to others will help you.  


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