Charlemagne: Reformation Of Country

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Charlemagne also known as king of the franks Son of Pepin the short. He was born in 724CE and died in 814CE. During this time Charlemagne accomplished many sensational and influential things that have benefited medieval times and society today, there were three main things that Charlemagne strived for. Education, economical standards and government administrations a schooling Charlemagne wanted education to be available to all people and for everyone to know how important and valuable a good education is knowing this Charlemagne also studied himself. Charlemagne believed that education was a powerful tool and ordered that all children should be well educated, Charlemagne had a liking for scholars and because of that supported many of them as patrons. In addition to Charlemagne’s passion for Education he indulged in starting monastic and scriptorium schooling benefiting school society such as they learn more about religious acts and exceling with writing monastic scriptures.

Monterey System + Government Administrations

Charlemagne had also developed laws that have been beneficial to society these include (Money lending and the Monterey standards doing this made economy more stable and which keep the production of money going. This benefited medieval society because this provide them with easily exchangeable goods and services being paid with a set currency everyone can use and obtain. Taxes have also been put in hand as the Charlemagne had to enforce rules and keep law in order. With the new monetary standard being put at hand this also pushed for higher economy standards too, due to Charlemagne’s empire enlarging at the time because of economical standards rising this helped Western Europe emerge out of the Dark ages. Along with this Charlemagne Governed his empire over one ruler, this is called Monarchy where a King or Queen governs over the land, this is good in many ways because it discourages corruption, runs a stable government and no need for elections saving time and money of the citizens. Charlemagne had laws written down and was a strict leader that enforced rules and laws to his empire, if these rules/laws were broken consequences will occur with punishments varying on what laws you broke some resulting with cruel and gory death penalties.

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Expanding the Empire

Point- Charlemagne was an intelligent man he knew how to or castrate an empire and expand one. He was very diligent on how he did this and was very successful. Along with making an empire that was dominated other countries. Although there were several troubles and complications along the way due to Charlemagne wanting to create an empire that was only made up of people with Christian faith. One of the things Charlemagne was dedicated to doing was winning the Saxon war, this was not an ordinary war at all as a matter of fact it lasted a long more than 30 years. Charlemagne was renowned as a extremely skilled military strategist, he knew how to control large armies keeping all troops under control. The Saxon war was long and dreading lasting for around 11,000 days. During this war Charlemagne killed any Saxon that was unwilling to be baptised which ended up with Charlemagne executing more than 4,500 Saxons, Charlemagne really aspired to be like a true king of Israel doing this he would even sentence his own people to death or force them to convert to Christianity and this was enforced as a law too.  


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