Essays on Citizenship

How Digital Citizenship Is Connected With Technology

The invention of technology has been massive to the human race and provided so much. From being able to talk to family, friends and others everywhere, so many forms of entertainment and with technology came digital citizenship. In this blog I want to go more in detail of how much of an impact digital citizenship...
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Global Citizenship And Prisoners Concern

Global citizenship insights varying positive responses to the abuse and violence observed in prison settings within and outside of Australian borders. () defines a global citizen as someone who looks beyond national borders, sees themselves as belonging to a world community and seeks to foster values and practices of benefit to broader well-being and cooperation....
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Citizenship And Diversity

When dealing with such issues as diversity and equality, good citizenship between the community and public services is imperative as it allows tasks to run much more efficiently, productively and smoothly. Good citizenship will allow all ages, genders, religions, races etc to coexist in a society amicably without prejudice and/or discrimination. This then allows diversity...
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The History of Citizenship Education in England

Introduction Heater (2015) describes the history of citizenship itself in Britain as ‘thin’; it seems this was until recently which we can presume is what encouraged the implementation of citizenship education into England’s national curriculum. This paper aims to analyse the development of citizenship education since 2002 and how it became a statutory subject, focussing...
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Citizens Attitudes towards Fashion Nowadays: Analytical Essay

Introduction During the early days of civilization, clothing was nothing more than a simple need of every human being. All they ever needed was a piece of clothing to protect themselves from harsh weather. But time have changed and also the requirements. Citizens are pay more attention to the way they dressed and to look...
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Blurring Lines of Responsibility: How Institutional Context Affects Citizen Biases Regarding Policy Problems

Abstract In conditions of blurred lines of institutional responsibility, individuals make political choices by primarily relying on group-serving biases rather than holding leaders accountable. Whereas literature suggests that leadership cues and partisan biases shape who citizens hold responsible for economic conditions, we still don’t know how murkier lines of responsibility could affect people’s perception of...
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