Citizenship And Diversity

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When dealing with such issues as diversity and equality, good citizenship between the community and public services is imperative as it allows tasks to run much more efficiently, productively and smoothly. Good citizenship will allow all ages, genders, religions, races etc to coexist in a society amicably without prejudice and/or discrimination. This then allows diversity and equality in that society as a whole to flourish because every person is living and being treated equally no matter their chosen gender/race/culture or even disability.

Good citizens are also important to the public services as they may be a decrease in the number of crimes in relation to the hatred towards difference, e.g. homosexuality, races. This may be because as a good citizen you could probably be tolerant and considerate of people’s dissimilarities and you would learn to adapt to changes in your area. This would be beneficial, primarily to the police as they would be responding and following up on fewer hate crime and would be able to be more efficient and focus on more ‘appropriate’ and current affairs and crimes.

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Excellent citizenship can come in a variety of forms which can have its advantages on the individual as well as the society as a whole. Being a law-abiding citizen, for example, plays a large role in the development of a community, especially the public services. If fewer crimes were to be committed, the public services, particularly the police, would not have to deal with as many offenses. A good citizen may also respect the environment in which they live and work and in doing this they may not litter or participate in antisocial behavior (e.g. graffiti). This will enable the local area to be kept clean and presentable and people would enjoy being a part of the community.

A good citizen is often compassionate and willing to help others. This is favorable to a society as more people would be living harmoniously with each other which could result in the trust and the placid coinciding of individuals as they would not be as fearful of those whom they are surrounded by.

Some good citizens may also volunteer to the UPS. If these individuals stopped, then more officers/crew would have to be employed, and therefore paid for. Whereas volunteers would be doing the job for no money in return, which allows that service to have more money to spend on equipment if they needed it. 


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