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The core ideas of clinical psychology itself have been seen to have a clear set of goals, such as the importance of evidence-based practice (American Psychological Society 2006). Others would include the understanding of human behavior, its biological bases, and how we can apply said knowledge to assist people with problems, and also within the research and development fields of psychology. How psychology has significant parallels with everyday life is also essential in our understanding of psychology itself (Feldman, 2005). How a clinical psychologist performs this ordinarily is by the performance of testing and offering support to those who require it. A clinical psychologist should have an understanding of processes such as typical and atypical development and ordinary trajectory of typical growth behaviors within multiple aspects of the individual’s life, i.e., social, cognitive, behavior, academic, etc. (Amend & Peters, 2015). Through this, we gain an understanding of how the individual may diverge from that within their daily lives and make judgments to fix it accordingly. The nature of clinical psychology is people-based regarding how problems may be known and helped. Still, it must also be analytical and heavily evidence-based in how problems can be understood to make an informed judgment. The importance of evidence within the practice is also crucial in promoting lifelong learning within the profession (Spring, 2007). This evidence-based approach, alongside the importance of people skills, is why I feel that the role suits me perfectly. As a whole, my personality is extremely analytical and logic-based in my judgment. In addition, within career tests, clinical psychology is the strain of psychology that matched up more than any other career (the University of Kentucky, n.d). The survey, alongside an ability to be people-orientated and to have a clear desire to see development in people through my assistance, shows skills essential in this field. I believe that my personal ability to be analytical in processing information and making judgments according to best practice but also being passionate about helping people’s mental health will assist in my ability to work within the psychological field. Psychology intrigues me because of personal interest in the function of the mind and how we may continue to learn and understand our mannerisms, in both an individual and collective way.

The process of becoming registered in Australia has multiple pathways. However, there is one primary path for registration within the APS (Australian Psychological Society). The clinical master’s, a two-year full-time program for those who qualify following the conclusion of the fourth year of their bachelor’s (Martin, 1996). This pathway appears to be the best personally and seems to be the pathway that is ideal in my goal to qualify as a clinical psychologist. Unfortunately, Southern Cross University currently does not offer said clinical master’s. As a result, this career path does not go beyond the honors year at Southern Cross University. Fortunately, many other Australian universities do offer postgraduate courses. Universities of particular interest include Griffith University on the Gold Coast and the University of New England in Armidale (Australian Psychological Accreditation Council, n.d). What I intend to do is complete my undergraduate course, including honors at Southern Cross University by 2024 and apply for master’s level psychological studies elsewhere. How I aim to build these skills is through a variety of means, such as units taken within my undergraduate course, study, involving myself within programs that can assist in gaining experience, i.e., work placement programs, Lifeline (Linton, 2020).

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I desire to make contacts within the psychological fields by numerous means, such as LinkedIn, work at Lifeline following the return of face to face learning at the university, and membership of the Australian Psychological Society (Linton, 2020). These would be alongside participation within the Southern Cross Psychological Society when the campus reopens.

I am confident I can achieve my career goals given a high dedication to learning, understanding of critical concepts needed within psychology, and crucial advice from speakers within lectures. The best example would be being willing to form good study habits early and be willing to take your time with certain concepts (Inglis, 2020). Having an understanding of the requirements to achieve my career goals from an individual who is doing what I aspire to was critical, in my opinion of what is needed to succeed is vital in my career goals.

Psychology is a fascinating field to study in that it features several specialist areas, alongside several intriguing classes within the degree. The understanding of these psychological concepts shall be critical to my learning and would be utilized in my desired career, hopefully.  


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