Essays on Cognitive Development

Cognitive And Language Development Milestones

Development milestones are the stages in a child’s development whether to know what an average child is able to do at a particular stage (Gilles G., n.d). Cognitive milestones are essential in the growth of a child. It describes how the child’s brain would develop and function. The skills involved are thinking, problem solving and...
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Case Study: Child Cognitive Development

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” — Margaret Mead, cultural anthropologist. Children are full of imagination. They are an explorer, adventurer and scientists. They are curious of everything. They like asking questions. As a kindergarten teacher, we have a responsibility to provide them a correct way of thinking. According to...

Cognitive Development: Child Observing And Lesson Plan

The Cognitive Process of Andrew From observing the case of the children Andrew, I interpreted that it has processed the theory of Cognitive Development from Piaget. According to the theory, there are total of 6 key process in the development, and they were called ”Schema”, ”Assimilation”, ”Accommodation”, ”Equilibrium”, ”Disequilibrium” and ”Equilibration”. While the theories are...

Implications Of Current Theories Of Cognitive Development In Teaching And Learning

Introduction An understanding of the children’s cognitive development is one of a range of factors forming the basis of an enhanced intellectual and high performance based learning environment within classroom work. Providing children with an education is beyond the teachings within the abstract setting of a classroom, theoretical approaches to learning should enable students to...
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The First Truth Of Cognitive Development

The first of the sixth truths is that cognitive development proceeds as a result of dynamic and reciprocal transaction of internal and external factors (Bjorklund, D., & Causey, K. 2018). This is the nature and nurture debate on if internal factors (nature) or external factors (nurture) influence development. Many things, not only in our textbook...
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