Columbian Exchange: Colonization, Reasons Of Exchange

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As a result of the three g’s, the columbian exchange took place, creating a extremely significant event on the world stage. During the 15th and 16th century the Spanish explored the undiscovered lands, uncovering the new world. They colonised with 3 goals in mind, Gold, glory and god. The columbian exchange exchanged many things, such as diseases, crops, animals and technologies; changing the new world significantly, changing it from the barbarian culture it was previously. The most significant item exchanged was crops. Plants such as the potato had some of the biggest effects being used majorly in some of the biggest European country’s.

The three g’s(Gold, Glory and God) we’re the biggest cause of colonisation of the new world. What really influenced the Spanish at first was the vast amounts of gold present in the new world, as well as many other smaller things such as vast amounts of fertile land and a variety of new foods. Source 1 is a letter to the king of Spain from Christopher Columbus himself, requesting more funding to colonise the lands

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The short term impacts of colonisation favoured the Spanish with the natives suffering a lot in the short term. The new world received a lot of old crops in the short term that benefited them majorly with crops such as the potato. The potato is a significant crop being easy to grow in most conditions and containing many vitamins and nutrients. This can be seen as in source 10 it describes it as having A “abundant supply of calories” and “sustain life better than any food”.

Arguably one of the largest long term impacts that occurred to the new world was the introduction of so many crops and colonisation. With the arrival of the Spanish the new world became a global production powerhouse, supplying the world with food, cotton and tobacco. The old world also benefited a lot in the long term, a lot more than the new world. They gained enormous amounts of wealth from the production of the new world and overall the well being of the citizens of Spain increased majorly. The new world improved things all around the world, country’s today in Europe still being used heavily in country’s like Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, and the UK.

Other crops such as spices also got heavily shared from the new world, with it being resold and the source of many common items today. Indian country’s started using the spices from these country’s to make currys, as well as many other Asian country’s. Sugar was also introduced from the new world, bringing an essential new flavour, previously only found in fruit to the old world.

The Spanish had a major effect on the world, discovering the new world and bringing plenty i full supplies back to the old world. They discovered essential crops such as the potato, sugar cane and spices. By the Spanish being influenced by the three g’s led to the Spanish becoming one of the richest country’s in the world, selling all the goods to the rest of the world.    


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