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Rhetorical Strategies Of Female Akan Traditional Marriage Spokesperson

1. Introduction/Background Public speaking is the art of designing and delivering a message to an audience. This involves understanding the audience and speaking goals, selecting elements for the speech that will engage the audience with the topic, and delivering the message skilfully (Wrench, Goding, Johnson & Attias, 2016). Public speaking is based on the use...
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First Impression Report Of Lions Sightfirst Eye Hospital

First Impression Report Of Lions Sightfirt Eye Hospital Introduction The organization in which I choose to conduct my community service assignment for was at the local Lion’s Eye Hospital, located in Loresho Westlands District, Nairobi whose main motivation is to achieve greatness Kenya’s health care services, rehabilitation, sight enhancement services, and most importantly their center...
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To Kill A Mockingbird: Rhetorical Analysis

Harper Lee’s controversially-esteemed novel, “To Kill a Mockingbird”, contains an assemblage of rhetorical strategies. Taking place in the 1930s, the theme of gender roles is easily identifiable due to their stark contrast to comparison to today’s gender roles, which are much more hazy because men and women nowadays have a lot of equal responsibilities. Though,...
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Public Speaking And Homeschooling

Here’s the situation: most people don’t like public speaking. It’s a fact that has bothered me since I joined the co-op and was first required to do a presentation. Thank you, Miss Justine and Miss Darla for making me do that. It has changed my life. I still dislike public speaking, have for a long...
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Different Speak Up Systems

Speak Up Systems Background The core reason why firms choose to develop speak-up systems in the modern workplace is to promote whistleblowing and honesty throughout their organization. Whistleblowing has many definitions depending on one’s outlook of the situation. According to Boatright (2000), whistleblowing is defined as “the voluntary release of non-public information, as a moral...
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The Body Speaks: The Importance Of Body Language In Business

Gestures made with hands, posture, smile, attentive eyes. Many times, people do not perceive this, but body language traits are responsible for much of a person’s communication, an essential skill to succeed in business. The body speaks and, if you never paid attention to this, maybe it’s time to start. Observing the body language of...
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Attractive Body Language: 6 Body Gestures

Does it cost you to attract people and you can not get them to notice you? Most likely your body is sending inadequate signals. In this video I show you 6 keys of attractive body language, to improve your charisma, gain influence and boost your self-confidence in the process. The History of Body Language in...
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