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Creativity is the process that implies generating new ideas and innovation in the existing situation or new one. Creativity is important aspect in community development method. The essay highlights the case study that provides a link between creative thinking for the development of the community. The case study includes the present scenario and the background of the organization. The case study involves the use of creative working and the people that are involved in this process. It also includes the strength and limitations that are in the case study and the lessons that have been learned by the creative work used by the organization. The essay highlights the use of pre-cycling in construction as a creative approach for community development. Pre-cycling is the buzzword that emphasizes the reduction in waste by avoiding the items that create waste in the environment. The pre-cycling is linked with construction and this results in minimizing the waste that is generated by the construction companies during the process. This is one of the best approaches that are very creative in order to reduce environmental problems. The essay is used to highlight the creativity in resolving the environmental waste problem by reducing it, in context with the construction waste.

This essay highlights the premium insulation organization and its steps to reduce insulation waste during construction. Pre-cycling is used in the construction business in order to reduce waste. As per the study, it is noted that Joe Golotta is the holder of Premium Insulation and has been running for more than 30 years. Premium insulation is one of the company hat provides insulation stuffs for the ceiling and wall insulation. This company delivers world class product in insulation of wall and ceiling. But the things starting changing when one of the builders complains Joe that the insulation waste is huge and a great problem for the builder. It is very costly to empty a container of insulation waste (Leistritz, Murdock, & Leistritz, 2019). Joe thought that it is very crucial problem for the builders as well as for the company. Joe finds out the solution for this problem that is pre-cycle. He start to collect the useable waste from the construction at some cost and deliver that other company that can use them or recycle them. Joe uses this problem as an initiative to resolve the environmental problem to reduce the waste that is generated by their insulation product. It is beneficially for the builder as well as for the environment. This practice helps to remove large amount of waste from the construction side. Joe said that he got this idea by taken away the waste from constructions side and analyses the waste that is in huge amount. He thought that is really very big problem for the builder and also for the environment. He things that this can also be an business in field of construction.

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The creative process in the case study is reduction of the environment problem by recycling the waste that is generated by construction site (Beaty, Benedek, Silvia, & Schacter, 2016). Precycle is an approach that is used by this organization as a creative thinking. Precycle is basically an approach through which less waste is decomposed in landfills. This is one of the processes that include the use of waste more and more before dumping it or recycling it. This creative thing leads to very successful result that accounts minimum waste dumping. Joe is the founder of premium insulation that is responsible for creating this idea in the organizational. He comes with an idea that to collect the waste that is generated during all six construction stages. The waste which is generated during construction is used by other construction places. He basically addreses the idea in such a way that builder needs to inform the company regarding the waste and company charges some amount of money in order to have this. Then this company analyses the waste and deliver the useful product to the other construction site. Apart from that, the company is responsible for decreasing dumping waste in landfills. This is an evolution in construction business and it should be implemented on large scale. This process lead to decrease in waste generation which is an environmental problem and this is increasing day by day. This is great approach it is only possible or the companies that are manufacturing the product of construction to analyses the waste that can be reused by other construction sites( Swartz, & Perkins, 2016). Before this method, the scenario is totally different. The waste that is generated on construction side is directly put into the waste section and this is send to other section where waste is dumped or recycles by waste house.

This process involves number of people to amend this creative process. This will involve the builders to be very motivated and responsible to deliver this waste to the organization. This is also the responsibility for the organization to take away the waste as soon as possible before it is degraded. Apart from that, people should also be very responsible during the construction process. They should analyze the quantity that is used during the constructions and generate less waste as much as possible. It is important for the builder to see the specific quantity that can be used during construction work (Tian, Duan, Guo, Li, & Liu,2018). Fewer amounts of things should be ordered in according to specific need. Apart from that, the most important role is of the organization that is holding the Precycle process. Precycle process needs experts that can analyze the waste that can be used again before further operation. Expert is most important in this process because they will analyze the quality of waste and then send it to construction site. This process can be done alone all members should be equally responsible in order to amend this innovative idea. This is one of the most innovative approaches that are used to decrease environment problem. Precycle is an innovative approach towards the waste that is generated by the construction side. This is really decreases the rate of dumping waste. It is noted that Australia is having immense reduction in the rate of dumping in construction waste which is really good for the environment as well as for the builders that have to pay more for empty the bin of construction waste.

The main strength of this process is that it reduces the construction waste which is a great problem for the builder as well as for the environment (Gubrium, & Harper,2016). In context to environment problem this is the most important thing in order to reduce the waste that is increasing day by day. Apart from that, all countries are facing various problems in terms of waste generation. Large amount of waste is generated at global level and this is an emerging problem for the country. Various steps are introduced in order to change the condition that is becoming worse day by day (Montag-Smit, & Maertz Jr, 2017). In the world of reuse, recycle and reduce the new approach is the Precycle and it is one of the approach that can be used to decrease the construction waste. This is very important for the organization to increase this on very large scale. In context with builder that really need to face costing in emptying the bin of construction waste in municipal corporation. This is a relief for them that they have to pay less to the organization that taken away the waste that is generated during all six phase of the construction. This approach has lot of potential in order to decrease environmental problem. This is really important for the organization to expand this business at global level and earn from this side of business also. This is one of the most important thing in today’s world to reduce the waste that really harm environment (De Bono,2017). The waste which is generated by construction sites through six phase of construction are insulation waste, timber, steel etc which can be reused by this process.

The limitation of this process is the time period at which the waste is collected from the construction site. If the waste which is generated by construction side is collected after a long time then it will not be reused by other construction site. The quality of material is affected by this and this is not neglected for construction purposes (Chang, Liu, Zhao, Huang, Huang, & Hu, 2017). Apart from that the material is reprocessed and will consume energy which is not so good part of this approach. The motive of this process is to deliver the best quality of product without consumption of energy and reduce the generation of waste from construction site. Apart from that, the Builders need to inform the organization that takes this waste at some cost and sometimes they do not agree with these charges. Sometimes it is important for the organization to charge extra by seeing the quality of waste and builders are not ready to pay such charges (Paskevicius, & Bortolin, 2016). It is very bad practice and builders seriously need to think about it. There are various limitations of this approach but if proper execution is adopted then this is very useful practice in order to reduce the waste that is generated by construction site. The entire stakeholder has to responsible in order to amend this approach and help the organization to change the scenario. Joe has brought the method of Precycle which has strong potential to implement the change in environment issues. Precycle is a practice that really reduce the dumping rate by the organization.

The lesson which has emerged by this process is the creative thinking for the best of the environment. This is a step towards the improvisation in existing problem and creative thinking is an approach that needs to be executed in this process. Environment is facing various problems and the main motive of this approach is to reduce the problem that has great impact on the environment (Junak, & Sicakova, 2017). Apart from that, creative thinking can be used to resolve the environmental problem and its impact. Precycle is a creative thinking by Joe who is founder of premium insulation and this approach is very beneficial in context with builder and environment. The lesson which is learned by this process is that creative thinking can be used to expand the business with decreasing the environment waste as apriority. This is a good approach by the Joe by focusing on the comment by one of his dealer that insulation waste cost high in order to empty the bin. This is a lesson that every organization has to think and focus on the feedback given by the customer or any other authority. This approach is a result on focusing given by a builder in order to reduce waste of the insulation. Precycle is the result on focusing on feedback. These only develop the business on another way and help the organization to earn more from this process. Creative thinking is really a good approach in order to develop changes for the society and for development of business.


It is concluded that creative thinking is the approach towards implementing the changes in the world. This essay highlights creative thinking in context with the premium insulation organization which is a well-known organization and creates a very good approach. It founded Precycle in construction waste which is one of the best approaches in the organizational changes. This is one of the best approaches that reduce the waste generated by the construction site. Creative thinking is really good to amend the changes for the organization and this is a good approach and towards the reduction of environmental waste. The essay appreciates the creative thinking of Joe that uses this process and develop a process that is really important to reduce environmental problems and really help to develop a business that is profit making and reducing present problem. This is one of the best approaches towards environmental problems and this helps to improvise in construction business. This essay also highlights the strengths and the weaknesses of this process that is Precycle in construction. At last, creative thinking is used for reducing the environmental problem as well as expanding business that helps to reduce the waste.


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