Essays on Consciousness

The Concept Of Mind-Brain Consciousness

The concept of consciousness has long been considered the most challenging in human thought. How consciousness manifests in living entities is to many an almost impossible question to answer. Moreover, it has recently become a topic of concern about whether non-human entities are conscious, such as machines, or robots. This essay will discuss how an...
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Case Study: Consciousness-Based Medicine

John was diagnosed at the age of 45 with Type 2 Diabetes (T2D). On December 2, 2016, John was rushed to the hospital with a high fever, nausea, and delirium. Emergency testing revealed a dangerously high blood glucose level and sepsis from a wound on John’s toe. While in the hospital, John thought about the...
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Meaning Of Terms Cognition And Consciousness

In present day, psychology emphasizes the importance of various mental states and processes to study cognition and consciousness. Psychologists conclude that consciousness is our awareness of ourselves and our environment. They realize that some information is processed automatically, while some is processed with effort. After 1960, when psychologists took advantage of progress in neuroscience to...
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Analysis Of States Of Consciousness

States of consciousness is a term used to describe the global states that are associated with the action and use of pharmacological agents, hypnosis, meditation, sleep disorders and a routine cycle of sleep. Different levels of consciousness bring along varying behaviour patterns that change with each situation. Consciousness is a term used to mean awareness....
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Revealing The Concept Of Class Consciousness In The Literature

 Class consciousness is a concept most readily associated with the work of Karl Marx. Marx did not specifically seek to evoke this in his work, yet class consciousness grew organically from interactions between different social categories of people. As a solely popularised Marxist term, it plays with the forces of production and the ownership of...
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