Essays on Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior Factors In Online Shopping

Abstract Online shopping is a prevailing trend in the society, and it is growing rapidly nowadays. It has greatly changed people’s lifestyle, without stepping out the door, we can buy all kind of goods from all over the world. Nowadays, people would prefer online shopping rather than online shopping due to the convenience brought, especially...
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Types Of Risk Related To Consumer Buying Behavior

Perceived Risk In layman language, when a customer has that state of mind which is not fully clear before buying any kind of product or service. Its types are as follows: – Functional Risk: – It is related to the features or working of an item. For example, “Will the two-seater car is suitable for...
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Sustainable Consumer Behavior And Green Consumerism

Over the course of the most recent couple decades the utilization of goods and services has expanded to a phenomenal levels. It leads to the reduction of natural resources rapid environmental decline and loss of biodiversity. As we can see individual behaviors have a direct impact on the lives of future generation and on the...
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Consumer’s Attitudes and Behaviors with Regards to Luxury Fashion

The purpose of this study is to articulate consumer’s attitudes and behaviors with regards to luxury fashion. A survey was developed concerning consuming luxury fashion and influences. The findings from two correlation tests showed there was a relation between wanting to buy luxury fashion based off the need to affiliate. Chapter 1 Introduction With luxury...
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